How does this 29er look?

Well, I want a distance uni, and I don’t really want to get something so specalized as a coker, so I am going to go 29er. Here is the plan:
Used 29er wheel (see below): $125
New KH Gel Ass Groove seat: $65
KH Rail adapter: $35
Post: $28 unless one of the ones I have already fits.
Clamp: 3 bolt clamp: $9
Frame: Bedford 28" 3": $60 (unless Ryan makes me one :slight_smile: )

Umm, I think thats it. It all adds up to around $325. All prices are CND.

The used wheel is the KH wheel with a cotterless seuze (or however it’s spelt) hub.

How does it sound? Any suggestions?

You could just buy the Yuni 29er on UDC for less money ($285 CND), that is just as good as the one you have spec’d. You may want to get different pedals, though.

Yeah. It would be $285 but you have to add:
Shipping: $34 USD
Customs: At least $20 CND
Mine has a rail adapter, this one doesn’t. Mine also has a nicer seat so add: $128 for KH seat, rail adapter and post.

The only reason I would get stuff from UDC is because that A T 7 handle looks kick ass. I want one!

No sh*t! Who doesn’t?! :smiley:

True about customs. Never ordered from Eh-land myself, but I’ve heard horror stories.

You would be looking more around 50-70 bucks from Customs.

But yeah that looks pretty darn good.

and its suzue :p.

Whats annoying about customs is usualy stuff doesn’t get hit with nearly as much if its going from Canada to the US.

Now for the big question of do I:
A) Get a KH rail adapter and rail post
B) Hold out for the A T 7

Grr, I think that I will probably just get the rail adapter. Are there any ways of hooking packs onto unis without the A T 7? It has that nice hook thing on the back…

You can use stems for road bikes and attach handle bar setups and the like to them.

People say you can use the AT7 thing to attach things to it, but one I get my AT7 I won’t attach anyhting to it. It is too high to have weight, and will get you all off balance, it just looks like a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion.

Hold out? UDC has it right now for $65 USD.

John Childs attaches a rear bag to his custom JC Coker handle all the time, and doesn’t seem to have a problem.