How does my t-bar and saddle set up look?

This is my first time setting up and using any kind of non-seat-based handle. The saddle is also new to me.


  • In an effort to keep the handle as close as possible while I get used to it, I deliberately installed the slotted tube upside down.
  • I only used Blue Loctite on the four saddle to post screws.
  • The t-bar set up came with four rubber washers (might be called ‘v washers’). I never used them. Any idea on where they were meant to go?
  • How does the general angle and set up seem? I know it will be a trial and error thing, but is there any immediate warning signs?
  • I’ve, of course, removed the front seat handle. Any concerns or thoughts with this? Any reason to keep it on other than preference?

Thanks for any insight!

Looks like a good starting point.

I’d personally want the brake a bit further forward, so I can reach it with my index finger.

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It doesn’t matter what any of us think about how it looks, how does it feel for you to ride with? That is the only thing that matters.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with it by trying different angles, different lengths etc until you’re happy with it.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

@Dino Yeah I totally get that, as I alluded in my post. I haven’t actually ridden it yet, and wanted to make sure at least the starting position wasn’t, like, dangerous or installed incorrectly or who knows what. I hope that makes sense :smiley:

I’d put the seat handle back on, I find it still comes in handy for hopping (and perhaps some control).
See how you like the setup when you freemount too.

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It looks naked without the seat handle. I do feel the urge to put it back on.

Another option is to bring the handle closer to the seat so it effectively becomes your seat handle.

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Just got back from a trial ride. The whole thing feels like a super-sensitive joystick for the entire cycle. I’m excited at that idea, but of course there is a learning curve. It’s gonna take some time, but I’m excited.

Make sure the brake is fully within the envelope of protection.
You don’t want that thing to strike the ground if it’s sticking out during a UPD.
That’s more important than having the brakes sticking out for convenient finger reach.
Remember your “main brakes” are your legs.

You will have many UPD’s, as you learn, trust me.
Especially, a few “impalements”.

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It’s good as long as it’s comfortable. Looks sick though!


Took it on a longer (~1.5 mile/2.4 km) ride today. Starting to ‘get it’. It’s gonna take some time, but it’ll be fun.