How does a distance ride sound, Washintonians?

I am thinking about possibly hosting a distance ride around my very beautiful and super unicycle-friendly golf course neighborhood, and I need your opinion. I don’t really want to do this and not have any turn out (even one rider would be cool, though), so I need some info. First, would anybody come such as John Childs, Steve Dek, Harper, or any other Pac NW riders? Second, what day of the week would be good (supposedly a weekend; I was thinking a Saturday). Third, how many miles should it be? Finally, you can tell me anything else that’s on your mind. It would definitely be free, and of course we’d meet at my house for pre ride refreshments and stuff, and then be off! Give my your opinions…all of them!!! :wink: I’ll PM you Pac NW guys with info if it turns out that I can do this and then you can RSVP. Nothing for sure yet, just an idea. :slight_smile:

It is difficult to plan rides in advance this time of year in the Seattle area. The weather forecasts more than 48 hours out cannot be trusted so it becomes a gamble trying to pick a weekend with good weather.

I’m always game for a ride, especially in towns and areas I have not been to before.

I’m currently in the process of getting my JC Coker wheel rebuilt. I’ve only got my old stock Coker in operation an the moment.

Cool, John! Actually, I was hoping for people to bring their 29ers (if possible) so I could keep up better and then we could all be equal. I was just going to plan the route ASAP if I could just have a good distance estimate from one of you people who could come. Harper, Steve, are you out there? What do you think? Steve, if you want to you could have your kids ride, too if they could keep up ok (I know Andrea could but I don’t know if Abby would even fit a 29er…:slight_smile: ). The only thing is that I do need a weekend when all of you could come (or at least most), so I don’t have just one person and a whole platter of brownies! :wink: If all of you Seattle riders could post here and PM me with a good weekend, that’d be great. Remember, the faster the better so I can start planning.

I’m game too sometime but time is tight for the forseeable future.

Sometime I’d like to do the Seattle - West Seattle - Fauntleroy/Southworth ferry - Port Orchard - foot ferry to Bremerton - throught Bremerton - and return on the Bremerton-Seattle Ferry ride. I have friends who have done it on bike and recomend it.

Keep working on it and we’ll get a date eventually.

I got a map worked up, but I still have to drive it and check mileage. Harps, Childs, and Blackwood, are you still game?

Well, I can’t speak for “Harps”, but now that you’ve mentioned my name as being among the Seattle Area Riders, sure, I’d be game for a distance ride. I love distance rides. But I don’t have a 29", so you’ll just have to tolerate me on my Coker. I practiced riding it r-e-a–l slow this past weekend, so I’m sure I can stay below a 29-er pace.

I would, however, like to shoot for something a bit more ambitious than riding around a golf course. You live in a somewhat historic town, don’t you? What are some cool things to see?

What we could do is ride this route (I expect it to be around 10 miles), and then drive downtown and do a little downtown tour. We could talk more about it when you come. Is next weekend ok for you guys? I’ll talk to my parents, but we never have much planned on Saturdays. Also, let’s not do it if it’s raining and try sunday or the weekend after that. I’ll post more about it later after I consult the “boss” (mom…).

K, my mom said that this saturday the 29th would be ok as long as most of you can come and the weather is alright. Do you want me to PM you guys the map and then work from there? Or you could just come and we could play it by ear. Please hurry, we only have three days!!! :smiley:

Is this going to become the Annual UniTyler Weekend?

Just booked my flight to Miami to visit my mistress Wilma (the hurricane).

Won’t be available this weekend.

Another time.


Steve, that’s ok, maybe some other time. John, Greg, Tom, is this weekend ok if the weather permits? If so, I will talk to my mom about times and send you a little map of a nice route that I cooked up. After we finish that, we could also drive downtown and ride around there (and get candy from the candy shop!!!). Please hurry! Greg, I haven’t heard from you at all, are you still alive or did your nuclear job place explode from you unicycling on the powerplants? :wink:

Harper just PMed me and said he couldn’t go on Saturday, and that doesn’t leave me with enough people. Greg, if you read this, please say if you can go on Sunday or what other day would be good.


Greg is going to hook up with other seattle-area riders and get a good weekend with them. Then hopefully he’ll PM me or post here about a good weekend and we can work from there. There is also new plans that JC and I talked about that we could ride in a nice wetlands bike trail (paved) and also ride downtown and get icecream, Guinness, and food! Hows that? :sunglasses:

If there was longer notice, I might be able to come…but this 29th I prolly couldn’t.

I don’t remember committing to organizing your ride for you.

Could you, greg?


If you can’t, just give me the peoples’ e-mail addresses and I’ll do it.


This weekend won’t work for me…I’m just getting home from extended travel in EMEA, and need to spend some time w/ my own kid.

Tyler, we’ll definitely make it happen, but since it’s now the rainy season, I’d urge to you avoid developing to great a sense of urgency around this. Life consists of many revolutions of the planet, and we’ll get this scheduled to happen on one of them.

I just sent an e-mail to the people on the SARS e-mail list, so if you are part of that then check it! It’s a change of plans (again), so I suggest you read it and then please reply. If you aren’t a member of that and you live in or near seattle then talk to da Harper and he’ll set ya straight, foo! :smiley: