How do?

So I have been on my uni for about six months and I recently bought a Nimbus Gremlin 20" trials. I can wheel walk, go backwards, and hop. But what do I do now. Anybody that wants to learn with me just post something and if you know some good stunts to learn for my level, what are they and how do?

Some good tricks to learn would be: Sif hopping and riding, 180 unispins, one footed riding, 180 hoptwists, idling, no footers, and leg wraps. You can find info on these tricks by searching them using the search function in the top right hand corner of the site.

kk sounds good

Thanks, I’ll check that. I can already one foot ride but all the others are unfamiliar. How long does is typically take to learn to 180 unispin?

If you are already good at hopping, you could probably learn in a week.

check out this kid too if your looking into flatland. he has great style. whenever im in your boat i watch his older videos for tricks that are in my league. not only is he really good now but you can see him from when he couldnt do anything to the present. hes made a lot of videos so you can catch him at pretty much every skill level hes been through.

Do I need to be able to hop with the seat in front of me very well?

When I learned 180 unispins, I could hardly hop seat out. I did the unispin by holding onto a wall with one hand, holding the seat in front of me with the other hand, then letting go of the wall, grabbing the seat and doing the unispin. By the time I learned to unispin I was much better at hopping seat out.