How do you tell the difference between Nimbus Venture 1 and 2 cranks?

I’m looking at some pictures of the one and two and there seems to be a variety, at least in terms of logo.

It doesn’t seem to have it written on the cranks or anything, like Nimbus Venture II or something. They all just say Nimbus Venture.

Someone else will have to confirm this, but on mine it looks like V1’s have a single ridge on the back, and the V2’s have a recess between two ridges.

I only say someone else should chime in because it I’m comparing 150 V1’s to 125 v2’s. If they were both the same size I’d feel more confident in the answer.

That’s what mine look like.

Here is a pair of v1’s on top (114s) and a pair of v2’s on the bottom (125s)

Looks like the groove on the backside might be the difference, as well as the logo.


Awesome, thanks guys! Just got my Nimbus Equinox Trials and the logo on the venture cranks looked different so it had me wondering how to tell the difference.

Some V2s will have the old style nimbus logo. Use the shape to identify them although IIRC the old design ones say venture 2 on them.