How do you spin the cranks?

Basically that’s it. How do you spin the cranks in a crankflip? I’ve been trying to put pressure on the front pedal then releasing the back. I’ve tried kicking forward and out, but nothing works. What works for you.

Shuan’s turorial

Sadly, in the tutorial shaun never even talks about how to kick the cranks

exactly. All he says to do is put pressure on the front and release the back. Any tips beside Shauns tutorial?

You could try putting pressure on the front and lifting the back?

don’t worry if it doesn’t come to you instantly. it took me forever to learn

No because thats all you need to do. Just keep practicing. Theres no secret.


Sorry guys, I went out to practice today, and only got a 1/2 crankflip. I cannot spin the cranks at all. I can do the first two steps of shauns tutorial, but I can only do singles. How do you spin the cranks??? :thinking:

Get footplant crankflips, and kick doubles and triples. Make sure the foot you are planting is your kicking foot. This way you can’t kick the cranks while you are already on the object. It is one swift motion from the uni to the object you are planting on. Thats all I can say at this point. The rest is loads of practice.


I might have to try that.
Sounds like it might be interesting.