How do you ship a tire?

I have a brand new 29 wtb stout tire (came with my Nimbus Nomad) that I’m not using. How would you ship a tire like that? Can it be folded up in a box, or would that mess up the bead?

is it a wire bead? if so yes.

Kevlar beaded tires can be folded easily.

Wire beaded tires can be folded with care. There is a special way to fold a wire beaded tire so that you don’t put a kink in the bead. It won’t fold as small as a Kevlar bead, but you can still get it into a much smaller box than you can if you ship it round. You may even be able to use a flat rate box.


that demonstrates the technique.

Yep, it’s easy to fold a tire into a triple loop, or even a quintuple loop. Nashbar knows it, but Amazon apparently doesn’t - I got a 29" tire from them sent in the biggest shipping box ever!