How do you set your uni on fire...safely?

What’s the best way to set a unicylce on fire so that u can then ride it? Also so the unicycle isn’t damaged. I was thinking about trying it, it sounds fun.:slight_smile:

lighter fluid? just a little though. I’d wear leg protection lol.

like Phil did… Perhaps?

Thanx for the vid.
Any last minute instructions before i go out and do it? I’m not really sure how much fluid to use. And does it leave the tyre fine afterwards?

itll only burn the fluid on it… might melt the tire if gets hot but idk. i doubt it but not sure. have fun!

When I saw the title to this thread I read How to set your seat on fire safely.
That gave me a scare.


Setting your unicycle on fire, and I assume, riding it, is NOT SAFE.

With alcohol fires you can generally avoid being burned if you move quickly. You can even toss balls of fire around and hold them for short periods, but if you’re going to hold them for a while it’s best to wear a protective layer of vaseline.

I’m assuming similar principles apply to a uni+lighter fluid fire.

I’d use some good old isopropyl alcohol though. It burns cooler and is probably cheaper.

I think the question itself is an oxymoron…

Emphasis on moron. Sorry, it was just so easy to go there.


could you possibly put a wick of some kind on the uni? Depends on where you want the flame…

I don’t think there’s a safe way to do it but it still might be worth playing with. Try to do it with as much safety factors worked in as possible I guess.

Also, if you want it to burn for any length of time I wouldn’t use a quality unicycle… the heat won’t do any good for any part of your uni.

I’ve always wanted to cover my uni with a bunch of those long skinny glowsticks and ride around wearing all black at night… it’s not fire but it would give a pretty good light show.

This unicycle was in a car fire.

burnt uni.jpg

I do NOT recommend this. This guy used some sort of special wicking rope but he used too much wick and too much fuel. Nobody got hurt but the unicycle took a beating.



Phil’s tire is just fine.
I think he’s still using the same one and it’s still working great.

Yep, hes using the same one.

Common guys, with any liquid, how much do you think is going to sit and stay on a moving smoothed objects?
Its like pouring cereal onto a balloon followed by milk and hoping the filled up balloon will hold it all. Its going
to drip off, and leave a very thin amount of liquid on the surface.

When caught on fire, your tire will burn for a good 5-10 seconds, not enough to melt the rubber or cause damage.
Do it about 10 times in a row and youll get a very hot rim, a hot tire that isnt melting in any spot but it will be stiff,
and some missing leg hairs

Just keep pedaling, your slight movement forward will keep the flames behind you. If you are stupid and just sit there
without moving, youre gonna get burned, so try not to idle. =p

Take lots of pictures cause its a sweet thing to do.

Don’t use too much fuel… Just enough that it’ll burn off quickly.

Setting fire to a unicycle is just such a dumb idea.

The standard trick to make a relatively cool fire is to burn ethanol-water mixtures. The water does not burn (duh!) but it evaporates and keeps things a bit cooler. The flame is very light blue and would not be that impressive–you would not even see it in the daytime.

As long as we are discussion dumb ideas, one could buy “waterproof fuse” sold for fireworks and weave it among the spokes. Light the end and it will burn and throw off sparks and smoke as you ride. It will probably also set fire to the hair on your legs, so it might be a good idea to shave before trying this trick.

Skin grafts are supposed to be very painful. :astonished:

I completely disagree.

If done improperly.

“Oo, fire, im just gonna stand in it!..”