How do you remove a Pashley wheel?

i’m trying to replace the hub on my dad’s Pashley uni, but i can’t get the wheel off!

i took the 4 bolts out of the frame, but the lollipop things do not want to budge.

i don’t know if you even have to remove these, is there a way to dismantle the hub so the wheel will come off with the lollipops still on?

cheers in advance to anyone who can help!

Here is a thread that might help:

Here is why I had such a hard time removing the wheel on my son’s Pashley:

At the end of the day, it will take some force. I used a piece of two by four and a rubber mallet, and basically whacked the thing until I was blue in the face. But it eventually came loose.

why dont you start doing some trials with the bolts out imsure all that jumping will loosen it up. if it does pop out while jumping a gap, are you in for a wild ride:D :wink: :astonished:

By coincidence, I had to do this job today on my Pashley 26 inch MUni.

Remove the 4 nuts and bolts that pass through the bottoms of the fork legs.

Now, you can try the following.

  1. Trap the wheel with your feet, and pull up suddenly on the seat.

  2. Stand the uni upside down and stand on the bottom of the seat, then pull up suddenly on the wheel.

  3. Failing that, use a rubber mallet to tap at the bearing holders, a little bit on one, a little bit on the other, until they come loose.

Today, method (1) worked. In the past, I have had to resort to method (3).

When you reassemble, use a little oil or grease so that the metal surcaces of the bearing holders and the forks don’t stick together.

It’s an irritating chore, compared to the more conventional “main cap” bearing holders on most unis.

Put some copper grease on there before you reassemble and it’ll be easier next time. Mine took a lot of hammering.

Thanks for all the advice, I still can’t get the b*gger off though!

I tried holding the seat, bracing my feet against the axle (the cranks are already off) and yanking, it just felt like I was going to break the seat.

I also tried putting the frame in a vice, putting a block of wood against the axle and walloping it with a big hammer. This just resulted in a rather dented block of wood, so far I haven’t managed to move the lollipops at all.

It’s been very tempting to just take a hacksaw to it, but somehow I don’t it would help!

Just FYI, my walloping went on for multiple sessions. It took LOTS of hard hits over a couple different attempts before I got ANY movement.

The good news is my son is growing faster than the tread is wearing off his tire. By the time the Pashley needs a new tire, he’ll be ready for a 24" and I can donate the Pashley to a school. They can make it a shop project if they want.

My first removal was a bear too. After that I used lots of grease and subsequent removals were pretty easy. It’s a good, strong design, but can be a little fiddly. I have replaced the bolts several times from the hardware store since they seem to strip. I suppose trying Grade 5 bolts would be a good thing.

I use a rubber mallet, tapping alternately on one side, then the other. It usually takes about 5-10 taps on each side to get the bearing holders out.

As for bolts, definitely go to the hardware store and buy the highest grade automotive bolts they have. The bolts that came with my Pashley were very low quality, so the threads got mangled. Since I replaced the bolts with high quality ones, they have held up very well. Good bolts will stay tight better than poor quality ones, and will prevent the frame from cracking because the load will be taken by the bolts instead of the frame.


Probably the lollipop holders have corroded in the frame. I would apply some liquid penetrant (found in automotive stores) to the holders. Try to get it inside where the holders meet the frame. Let that sit for a few hours. Then take a propane torch and heat up the area. Heat will cause the metal to expand, helping to break the holders free. Then begin hammering again.

I don’t think the bearings were made to withstand hammering, so you may have to replace them if you get the frame off.

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