How do you practise trials?

I was just wondering how do you practise trials mostly your sif side hops. How long, how often, and how much progress is usually made? My hop was at 20" for a while before the summer, but then i stopped riding for a while and it sunk back down. These last few weeks I’ve been back at it but I can’t even make 20" let alone beet it. I know the key is practise, but I’ve done a fair bit of that with no prevail. I’m just wondering how you guys improve your hops. Any and all tips are appreciated. Oh yeah, I used to hop seat in, hit 20 inches and didn’t go any higher, now i hop seat out and am stuck again.

Thanks in advance,

I practice seat in front side hops at least 3-5 times a week (if its not raining) I usaully build up my height, to get warmed up, i start at 24 or 25 inches. Then go to about 28", I usually repeat that height a lot just for practice, but if i’m feeling in the mood, i increase the height inch by inch. My record is 33". (onto something, not over a bar)


Generally speaking I don’t practise hop heights, nor do I strictly practise unicycling…I just go out and ride. But about half a year ago I spend a few weeks practising my hop heights every now and then. I think in about 3 weeks I got from about 55cm to 65cm or so, can’t remember how often I practised though.

I just thought of something when reading your thread that I’m going to try when I have some time free. I’m going to try hopping onto things (about 40-50cm high) without a prehop and without trying to hop very high, and focus very strongly on tucking up mid-air because that’s what I really need to work on. I think, looking at some video footage I have from when I was practising high jumps, I have about 15cm more room to tuck that’s just going wasted.

So that’s what I’m going to try: hopping lower than normal heights and focusing on tucking to reach the object.


Wow, that’s a lot of practise! How much progress have you made practising so often?

I usually warm up by hopping stuff i easilly can. Then i keep making every thing higher by an 1inch and a half until i cant hop it. I started practices 2 hours a day for a couple weeks now and i really improved.

How long did you practise each time?

i do a little bit of high hop practice every day that i ride, maybe just three or four successful hops near my max. once you get in a rountine with hopping practice you will notice great results. in maybe four or five weeks of almost daily practice my hop increased 20 cm!