How do you post videos?

Hi all,
I am new to the forum and I have absolutley no clue on how to post videos. Can somebody please tell me how? thanks!!!

here are your steps.

  1. go to
  2. click on “your album”, which is on the right hand side, about 2 inchs under where it says log out.
  3. click on the album you want to load it into, if you just want to plonk it in your bit skip this step.
  4. on the left hand side click “add items”, it’s about 2 inchs under where the search bit is for the gallery.
  5. you tehn choose your file from where it’s located on your computer, put in a blurb about it then click on “add items” down the bottom.

i assume you mean how to post videos in your gallery, i’m not sure if you can post videos in the forums. you can post links to videos in a forum, when you’re typing a post, highlight the word you want to link to somewhere, then click on the littlw world image on the toolbar next to the font selector bit, and type in the URL of the video.

hope that helps


hmmmmm…It loads the pictures but it won’t do videos :thinking: I’ll keep at it.:slight_smile:

It can take HOURS to upload videos, especially if you have dial-up! It will say “sending request” or something like that…just let it do its thing.When it’s finished, it will tell you that you have “successfully added” the video file. Then you can click on the file which will open the video in a new window. Then just cut & paste the URL address and then post THAT link in your next regular post, so WE can go see it.

OK, the clip is up in my gallery but there isn’t a “download movie” button. :thinking:

Post the link!

Here is the link:

It’s kinda hard to really see how big the drop actually is because of the camera angle, and everything is TOO CLOSE UP! Try taking a longer shot of the drop and leave the camera static instead of following you down as you drop.

IT WORKED!!! i will post another clip soon. thanks.

How 'bout this one. It’s the other clip of the same drop. I measured it today and it’s seven and a half feet!!!

Where is it??? Your gallery still has just the ONE video-same thing as before.

hmmmmmm… i’ll try it again. mabye someday i’ll be good at posting videos. :roll_eyes: sorry


yeah i saw it…

that was a pretty sweet drop

Gee thanks, and thanks for all the help guys.:slight_smile: