How do you post video's

Musketman and I have made a video but we dont know how to post it on this site. We have it saved and edited in a folder we just dont know how to put in in our gallery. help would be most greatful:)

where it sais user cp, home, and forums, click on gallery
then click your album
click add item
click browse, find your video then write a caption
click add items. and then post your link when its done uploading

I do but when it’s done uploading and the new windown comes up it says download unknown and a browse window comes up :thinking:

this is what it says

no thumbnail
« item actions » Delete Unknown Edit Permissions Edit Unknown Move Unknown
uni show

the uni vid with uni-steve5111 and musketman

Date: 12/06/2005
Owner: uni-steve5111
Views: 1

hmm i really dont know, you could try using another way of uploading, there are many there.