How do you messure the seat tube on a freestyle frame

Do you measure the seat tube on a freestyle above the flat section or below. The reason I am asking is because if it is below I will fit a 300mm tube, otherwise I won’t.

i think you measure it here instead of Here but im not sure

At the top, because usually the seatpost won’t go below that point.

Depends, some frames like the old nimbus the post can drop right through so you measure to the bottom, frames like KH don’t drop through so you measure to the top. Everyone cuts down their posts anyway so don’t worry about it, just take a hacksaw to it if it’s too long.

The key dimension is from the top of the tube to the lowest point your seatpost can go. If you’re not sure if the post goes all the way through, feel the inside at the bottom and see if it’s 100% smooth. If not, the post may not be able to go below the “bumps.”

If it can go through, you have all the way to the tire, but be aware of changes to different tires that may be bigger.

The best way to cut your post is with a quality pipe cutter. I say quality because I’ve seen them, but I’ve never owned one. All of mine were always weak things that cut spirals instead of straight. But I’ve used a nice one at Moab (Thanks, Rolf), that made a very quick job of cutting my post very neatly. A hacksaw will cut it also, but makes a rougher cut that requires a bunch of filing to be body-friendly.

seat tube

I’m pretty sure he meant the length of the seat tube and not the seat post to see if he could fit on a 300mm seat tube because if its to long its hard to cut because even though you can just hacksaw as much as you want off you have to cut the little slit in it so that the clamp will pinch it.

Back to the question at hand i think it’s measured from the top but you should probably get some one who knows this better because you wouldn’t want it o be too long.

How tight is it though because if it is your exact inseem lenght from the bottom of your pedal revolution to 300mm past the crown of your fame it’s still a bit to long because you need to take into account the height of the seat because although it is small it’s still a couple of inches which does make a difference.

well i hope that that was a helpful post