how do you make a bc wheel?

After seeing a video of someone riding bc wheel i had a powerful urge to learn to ride one unfortunitly I have no where near enough money to buy one because i just bought a muni (which I love) so does anyone know a way i could make one with out spending to much money if any :roll_eyes:

You need a front wheel from a bike with a thick axle (bedford BCs have 14mm axles) if you use a skinny one it will bend easily. Then you either put on pegs or plates. Pegs are probably the cheapest way but its harder to ride and you cant hop. You should go with platforms if you can. If you have the equiptment then the cheapest way would obviously be to make them yourself. If you want to buy some you can get them from,, or GB4. I use bedfords and they are awesome (just dont jump on to them from really high places or hit it really hard against a wall because evan has proved if you abuse them, they will bend)