How do you like your Flames!?

I was lucky enough to receive two sets of Bedford flames so here’s how I decided to place 'em, both inside and outside of the frame:

Looks awesome. I love the bright orange.


flamin good!:stuck_out_tongue:

i like how the orange hub looks like the bottom of the flame. Awsome


Erin, that is one BADASS looking MUni!!!

thanks Krashin K! :smiley:

Nice looking Muni Erin.

King Muni-Man asked me to outfit his new muni with flames too. His old muni had No Fear flames which were nice but I like these better.



Wow those flames steal the show! They’re awesome.

Nice double use of flames Erin. King MM uni looks awesome too. I see a new LONGER seatpost in his future though. --chirokid–

Sweet flames all around. I’m going to get some flames for my 26er eventually. It would go nicely with my Flame tire :smiley: .

Now I see what you mean about KMM Coker idea. That thing looks like a Coker with a fatty tire and some 250mm cranks.

Check out what you can do by layering a few different colours of Bedford Flames…

Look under November


…ohhhhhh, now THAT looks hot!!!:smiley: