How do you keep the wheel strait with SIF?

Whenever I try SIF I basically lean way over to whichever way im pedalling. :thinking:

Same here :frowning: normally ends up in pain at the end

Its all practice…
Can you confidently ride seat in?
If you have your seat pretty low i recommend trying moving it up a bit as it will give you more control when riding SIF.
More or less its all weight distribution and balance combined with practice:D

start out with the seat touching your thighs, this will create stability, once you are comfy with that you can progress to letting the seat further and further out.

It’s difficult to ride with exactly even weight on both pedals. If you don’t, you’ll do exactly what you say - you’ll tip over fast toward the pedal your weight is on.

When you ride SI, you normally just push down on your front foot - and let the back foot come up over the top of the pedal stroke with no weight. When you ride SIF, you have to keep weight on both pedals all the time - which feels really weird at first.

To practice what it feels like, ride SI but standing up, with both your hands off the saddle. Try to keep the saddle from touching either leg. That will let you practice, but if you blow it, the saddle will hit your legs instead of tipping over.

When you get good at that, then start trying to ride SIF with the seat touching your thighs and your elbow rammed against your stomach. In other words - try to keep the saddle as rigidly attached to you as possible.

Watch out when practicing SIF as the other posters have described… you can end up with nasty bruises on your inner thighs.

You probably already know the answer to your question… practice. Riding SI allows you to use sloppy technique and get away with it. Riding SIF requires a refined technique that you must build over time.

I agree that it is a good idea to learn to ride SIF, but that doesn’t help much with hops. Start by doing small side hops on level ground and work on tilting your wheel away from your landing. That is, if you hop to the right, tilt your unicycle a bit to the left before you land. This will help you “absorb” some of the sideways momentum.

Take a look at Ryan Atkins’ videos if you can, and notice how extreme he is in tilting his unicycle when he lands huge side gaps. It really makes a difference.

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When I first started Sif I got really mad at the bruises I was receiving, and just decided to start hopping. As I got more control and balance from Sif hopping this directly translated into control while riding Sif.