How do you install a tire?

I finally ordered a red Primo The Wall 1.85" tire for my Nimbus, and I just need to know how to install it! Please just list the steps if possible or a link to an instruction page would be okay, too. Thanks!

I think u got to take off the whole wheel then one of the cranks

Review this thread: how do you change tyres??.

wow, it looks hard. I think I’m going to use the LBS.

It’s not hard at all. Give it a shot. You’re very unlikely to damage anything, unless you don’t use genuine tire levers. Just don’t use anything metal, like a screwdriver.

It can be challenging the first time. But it’s easy once you know the trick. The trick is to force the tire down into the deeper area of the rim before you try to force the last bit of the tire on the rim. My post in that thread gives the details and the link to Sheldon Brown’s tire changing guide also gives good tips.

Everyone needs to learn how to get a new tire on the rim. It’s something you need to know how to do for regular maintenance and the occasional emergency flat repair. The best way to learn is to do it.

Other tips:
Use a little bit of talc baby powder inside the tire to help the tube slip around without sticking to the inside of the tire.

Rub a little bit of silicone spray lubricant on the bead of the tire to help it slide over the rim if the tire is being stubborn or difficult.

you dont even need to take the cranks off just let the air out pry it off then use tire levers to put the new ne back on. its not hard at all.

I am not real uni-equipment educated. The first time I took the tire off my Summit, I wrestled with it for 3 hours. For one, the cheapy Wal-mart tire levers I had, bent like spaghetti so were pretty much useless. I got another set of tire levers at the LBS and they were much stiffer. It still takes me 5 to 10 minutes to get the tire off the rim. At least I have not pinched a hole in the tube yet.

Sorry if I seem pedantic, but you should use tyre levers to get the tyre off the rim, but you shouldn’t need levers (with most tyres) to refit it - you should be able to push it on using just your thumbs. Like John said, push the bead of the tyre into the deep part of the middle of the rim to give you more slack when you’re pushing the last bit over the rim. Put a tiny amount of air in the tube when you’re refitting the tyre and it helps to stop the tube getting pinched by the tyre bead.

It’s not hard - it’s easier to do than to describe :slight_smile:


changing tire

cranks and pedals can stay on ,you only need to remove the bearing holders and drop the wheel out of the frame.You will need tire levelers to remove the tire unless you have very strong fingers.Bring just the wheel to the LBS and save time.