How do you hold your seat?

Hey guys so I made this thread to see how different people hold their seat. This thread is designed to see how different levels of people hold there seats in different ways. Do you put all your fingers in the handle or a couple? Or maybe just one? What I do is put one finger in the handle and the rest under the seat. What’s your style?

Depends what trick I’m doing, but for fast flips I put all fingers in the handle.

like this:

Lol, this is Eddbmxdude btw.

Like this:

Looks like a pretty comfortable seat. :roll_eyes:

Sorry I meant for hopping onto stuff si and sif. Anyone else?

That is how I hop seat out. I don’t really ride seat in at all.

With my hand.


What are you looking to get from this thread? Do you think your riding will magically improve if you move your hand 1cm to the left, or use a different number of fingers?

I just can’t understand why threads like this are posted.

Are you having trouble using your hands? Surely you’ve had them long enough, that you can figure out what to do with them, no?

Okay Ms. Douchebag. I made this thread to see how different levels of riders have different finger and hand positions. Its to see if there IS a certain position that will help you in the long run. Just like how when I started riding, I would use two hands to hop instead of one because it felt right. Little did I k now it was not and was able to correct myself while I was and still am, a beginner. Anyone else have any personal positions they use:D Preferably seat in.

i hold my seat with my hands.

I hold mine in between my legs.
I sometimes go ‘no-hands’!

I’ve always held it centralised when hopping sif because that seems to me like the way you would do it. I mite try holding it at the back as I never have before.

SIF, 2 fingers in front of the seatpost and 2 in back of the seatpost.

well thats a simple question. people who are more beginners hold onto the front handle and people who are better hold the side of the seat because they use SIF. unless your not talking about trials. i put all of my fingers but my thumb into the handle like most ppl.