how do you guys get them?

where do you get your trials tubes from?..cuz I can’t find them ANYWERE!! other then bedford and shipping and handling is a little bit pricey…sooooooooo…were do you get them? for a 20 inch wheel
Muchas Gracias! Senors y senoritas!

I have just been using a normal 20" tube for my trials unis.

and does that have the same affect as the normal tube for a trials?

I would think so. I still get a bounce from my prehops and stuff. When you pump up the tube it will expand to the size of the tire so I don’t think you have to worry about it.

no way. regular tubes fold about 5x worse than a trials tube. i got mine from bedford though. shipping’s the same on , or was when i ordered. You could call bike shops in the area and see how fat their 20 inch tubes come. also, the one i got from bedford is thicker on the outside.

this is coming form a guy who’s 6’4 and 190lbs. if you’re significantly smaller/lighter you might be fine with a regular tube.

Oh ok. I am 5’2" and 100lb so I didn’t notice a difference.

I’ve been using a normal 20" inner tube in my trials cycle for only a few weeks and it’s already got a leak in.

Try for Trials inner tubes (I know sells them.)


go to bedford unicycles he has 20x3.0 tubes that are specially made for trials.

try your local bike store. if they don’t have any, they can prolly order 'em for you.

well, depending on what bike shop and where you live, it might be harder to get them from your LBS, than from bedford.

I have very hard to imagine that a thinner tube would make your tyre fold worse.

From what I’ve understood you use a thicker tube to get more snakebite-protection… to protect your tube is punctured between your rim and the ground when you bottom the tyre out…