how do you guys get such high rolling hops

basically the titles says it all.

I seem to only be getting 2 pallets, and barely, how do you guys get so high. Is there any sort of technique?

I would appreciate help with this to i cant get very far…(I havent tried jumping up anything yet)

i can get 4 pallets by lowering my seat and pusting hard with my legs when i jump and pulling the uni under me in the air. You can also add a small amount of height by having the right hand motion.

The secret is doing it lots… then doing it lots more… then doing it untill your legs feel like they’re gonna fall off.

How long have you been riding? Mosly it’s like everything else… it’ll develop as you ride more. Everyone learns a little differently, just go with how it works for you.

I find that the mechanics of the rolling hop are basically the same as a static hop… except that you compress your tire as it’s rolling, rather than stopping it first. I used to find it worked to roll up to something, stop, and hop out of a standstill, without any correction or pre hopping, then I just shortened it into a more fluid motion. I’ve gotten up to 30" on a good day.

Try this.

The secret! is… to ride lots. Aggresively.

I built up my rolling hops fast by doing high rolling pedal grabs (which is basically grinding high objects).

Practice. Once you got what your normal rolling hop height is, just go further. Today I had 4 pallets down 14/15 times about and when I looked at 5 pallets, I thought, “No way can I do this.” But I persuaded myself to and on my first try I got it.

practice…i used to be much better at side hops than rolling hops… but then i stopped doing side hops b/c i think rolling looks tons better, and now i can hop MUCH higer rolling than side…thats not to say that i couldn’t get my side hop back higher, but i focus on roll hops, and when i do sdie hops they come out mch worse.

ok, what i do is this, i don’t listen to advice unless you just don’t know how to do something. Then i go all out and dont’ give in to something mediocre. I"m pushing my limits all the time. i don’t care what other people do so much as long as i’m giving it my all and seeing improvement.

I have a question about rolling hops. When doing the rolling should I be standing over my seat completely(like standing straight up on the pedals), just barely hovering over my seat, or sitting down completely? Right now I’m experimenting with all 3 and they seem to work equally, so which should I stick to for the most continued success?

Make sure you get your legs extended when you hop, jumping with a similar technique to when you are on the ground (legs extended, that is).

Depending on your personal preference, it could go either way. I like to fully explode when I do a rolling hop, but thats just how I get myself up the ledge… I’m not quite sure if “barely hovering over the seat” will make it, but if you become acostomed to that, then it will progress naturally with your riding.