how do you fix cracked myata handel?

Hey every 1,

               I brought a new myata at the BUC9 and i've just noticed its broke !!!!!:(  

Hs any1 had this happen to them. They cot alot of money and they brake so easyly!!!
So has any1 any brilliant ideas of how to fix them???
Please help me


4 ever!!!
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This is a common problem on the new miyata seats. I cant help you fix it, but Others probably can…

quit typing with a cheezeburger in both hands Elvis :slight_smile:

the new Miyata seats suck.everything about i bet we will start to hear stories about the foam harding or exploding from heat friction soon.

try searching Frankensien (spelling) in the search…


try Frankenyata, that might work

Here’s a link to a picture of the Frankenyata Fix.

Click on the “Miyata” album.