How do you edit people out in photoshop?

How do you edit people out in photoshop? I have photoshop and I have no idea how to use it. I have a project due tommorrow and I need to know how i take a person from its background so i can just have the person and put them on another background… Can anyone that knows what i am talking about tell me step by step?

use the magnetic lasso tool, and find a picture where the person is very distinctly seperated fron thier background.
then copy and paste

tip: more “nodes”(clicks) makes a cleaner outline.

I can do it, but its not something i can try to describe step by step to you - it would take a while.

Try googling it:

thats what i came up with.

use the lasso tool, like said above.
Select around the person,
Click Ctrl+C (copy) and paste it into another picture.
EDIT: tips-
1.Zoom in too select the person more accurately.
2.If you mess up the selection, click Ctrl+D to undo the selection to start again.
3.If you need to resize the person in the next picture (the one you put the person in to) Click Ctrl+T to free transform it.
4.Have fun lol.

Use the delete person button.

Do a search for the “You suck at photoshop” tutorials… I think there’s one on this… And if there isn’t, they’re fun to watch :wink:


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