How do you do it?

Im determined to learn crankflips tonight.

only thing is, I’m confused on how to even do one. I watched all the vids and tutorials but I still don’t get it.

Any advice? Do you push off the seat? Im getting angry so any help is appreciated

About 2 weeks ago, when I was in the earlier stages of learning, I would first learn to spin the cranks, while keeping the seat in front of me.

I just did this by providing a little bit of flick with my front foot on the pedal, as well as slightly lifting the unicycle to make the cranks spin faster… Of course I wouldn’t land it, but that just gave me a general idea as to how to do them.

After that, I learned footplants on small objects like curbs. It helped me more when I planted my front foot, so I could controll the back pedal from spinning, when I only wanted to learn the footplant.

Now, I am learning footplant crankflips. Flipping the cranks while on a curb really seems to be helping me with landing back on. At first it allowed me to give the cranks time to spin, and gave me time to jump whenever I want, but as I am improving with footplant crankflips, I am starting to gain more flow with them…

Soon enough, I am going to try to just do it, but as for now, im gonna take it one step at a time.

Also, it may be different for you, but don’t flip the cranks with your heel. I learned it about a month ago this way, and my toe kept hitting curbs and other obsticles that I tried to crankflip up. In addition to this, I bailed beyond belief, so I’m back to square… well… 3… but I hope to have them consistantly soon.

well I have a box so I’ll practice on that.

btw, sry for the delayed response I have no computer (I’m on my iPod)

yeah im having troubl getting the “flick” also. I can push but i think my back foot always slows the rotation and if i dont keep my back foot on long enough i go sideways. i got half flips a few times but still cant get fulls.:o

good help beep:p . thanks for that

this is more a reply to ask a new question than to answer the first, but instead of starting a new thread i figured i would just use this one. (sorry about the thread title, i know it’s a little vague).

i ride with my left foot forward on the unicycle, but i’ve never been able to do a rev with my left foot forward, i can only do rev’s with my right foor forward (ie. switch). i’ve been trying to learn crankflips for a while now and i’ve gotten all the motions down, but i just can’t seem to kick the cranks hard enough with my left foot. but when i try it switch, i sin the cranks like lightning but i’m haven’t gotten the movements down so i dont come close to even landing it. my question is, do you think it would be easier/better for me to start over in the learning process and try and learn switchflips first, or should i just stick with regular crankflips, since i’ve already come this far?

also any advice on kicking the cranks faster would be great.