how do you do a rolling jump?

How do you do a rolling jump? Every time I try, I cant get the altitude or the stability. Any tips?


Have you tried forward hops from a still stand? I found this was a good way to get some practice without having to manage much momentum at first.

Then when the hops from a still stand seem pretty manageable it is not so difficult to add a little bit of a ride, not too fast at first, and then throw in the forward hop motion.

Getting comfortable with the techniqu is enough at first. Height and distance will improve with practice.

I learned to roll-hop before static hopping, and vaulted my first curb this way. Being able to still stand may aid this skill. The idea is to push off of the rising pedal- the faster you’re riding, the greater the opposing force in the rising pedal will be propelling you up and forward, augmenting your spring. Repetition will overcome timing issues and transitioning quickly from driving forward to springing will become natural. You’ll find a pressure balance between front an back (rising) pedal, with the proponderance on the rising pedal. Your method for ‘pulling’ the cycle can make all this more complex; try to keep a firm link to the sadle and focus on the spring -not yanking the cycle.

I’m isolated, so haven’t seen a great many rolling hops performed; however, of those I’ve seen Dan Heaton is the undesputed master. You may find video of an amazing jump by Dan on to the hood of a car Here- and direct yourself to heaton_car.avi. Ages ago I pulled still frames from his jump an annoted them- you may find that HERE, just ignore my lame commentary.

With practice you’ll develope a sence of when you’re positioned correctly to vault an obsticle, changing your vector to put foot in ideal position for the spring. I strongly recommend that you do not favor a forward foot for this skill, as your launch window will be much wider with less need to abort a run.

Good luck, keep us posted with your progress, and get somebody elses advice, too.


Oh, ya, I almost forgot- ask Max Dingman: he’s one of the Lords of Anti-Grav.


High Jump

I was watching a video clip a while ago, and the people in it were jumping the height of handrails when rolling. They were using trials unicycles with the big tires. Now do you need lots of practice to jump really high, or just a trials unicycle?

You don’t need a trials uni. Max jumps really high using a 24x3 muni. I stil don’t know how he does it, but I’ve been practicing ever since our ride last week. I can seat out jump onto things 18 inches high, but I can barely get up curbs jumping forward. Practice practice I guess.


Unimoron wrote:

@ Unimoron: Which video clip did you watched ? Was it the UNiVERsE video or some other stuff from the web ? If it was from the web, where I can can get it ?


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I find that that it is easier to do roll up hops on a 20inch than a 24, however, it is still very possible to do big roll up hops on a 24. I find that the 20inch can reach larger heights more easily, and that when your riding a 24, you need to commit more, and really use the speed you can get.

My first day i tried roll up hops (on my 24) i could hop onto a sitting bench, and then i haven’t practised them much, but i tried a picnic bench on my trials when i got it, and landed it.

So for the 24, it takes more guts, i think because your max height is lowered, so that something easy on a 20 is a challenge on a 24, and something hard on a 20, is really really hard on a 24, i think this is because of the weight and agility of the 20inch compared to the 24.
If that makes any sense.



I prefer this pic of Max- before he became a peacock ;):

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I practiced my rolling jumps today and seem to have it down now. once i had the description of how to push off the rising peddle, It just took a couple of tries to get it right.

Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

That mean your comming to mondo rhysling? Ill be there to do some riding :).

Also if you want me to post some more vids of rolling hops to study, I can post some more.

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This link should work, if not, its in the gallery under uniryder. I think. Watch some of the vids.

That would be swift! I’ll pull the frames, if you’ll do the commentary?

I’m hoping there is some substance in the greater MSP water district that will impart special powers; short of that, I plan on pestering the indigeneous cycling population into revealing the secret location of the Cycling Guru’s hidden dojo cave. If that proves unproductive, I’ll follow Max around saying, “Ohh, oh- do that agian, do that again!”


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