How Do You Change A Unicycles Rim?

Ya My Rims Bent

okay so first of all, what kind of unicycle do you have? if you have a crappy learner, you might want to just buy a better unicycle, because youll end up breaking it again.

what kind of riding do you do?

if you need to change your rim, you have to buy a new rim, take your old rim off, and re-build your wheel. check out sheldon browns wheel building tutorial

Loosen all the nipples on the wheel as much as possible without removing them, then place the rims side-by-side (making sure the valve hole is in the same place) and simply move the spokes across one by one. Then tension and true as you would with any wheel build.

Personally, if I was swapping a rim that got broken by riding, if I had the money, I’d put new spokes on too, because the spokes are probably weakened by whatever I did to bust the rim.


Does it need to be changed? Can you not straiten it just by re-trueing it? Your LBS (Local Bike Shop) can probably do this fairly cheap for you if you’ve not done wheel trueing before.


What is considered cheap? Just curious because my LBS wanted $40 just to true my wheel. I thought that was expensive to turn a few spoke thingys.

Ouch! That does sound like a lot. I would have expected more around $10-$20 range.

I think that sometimes the fact that it is a unicycle scares less experienced shops in to thinking it is different to what they are used to. Admittedly their wheel building stand won’t fit our wheels, but the unicycle frame works perfectly well.


i need to change a torker cx 20’ not sure on the year

From having worked at a bike shop I would say that the cost for truing a wheel can be anywhere from 10-40 depending on what the wheel needs. If the rim needs to be straightened you’d be looking at the high end. If it just needs a little finesse with the nipple grip it would be the low end. Ultiimately it is based on how much shop time is required to get the wheel straight. I doubt it has anything to do with fear of something different. As a shop mechanic I always enjoyed the oddball stuff.

It doesnt matter what year it is… i would save up and buy a new uni… at least upgrade to an torker LX if not better… If you have a cx and get a new rim you will just end up ruining it again if not the hub or cranks before that…

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thanks ive been thinking about getting a nimbus 2 freestyle 20" and ill just get that instead.

Anyone reccomend a rim and spoke set to lace into my Koxx-One reinforced rim? It’s a trial unicycle BTW.

The Nimbus II frame isn’t exactly suited for freestyle…