How do you carry a unicycle and ride another?

So Im planning to get a 36er in a couple days as my main mode of transportation. I think it will be fun to get out there and go really fast cruising around and what not. But where I have the most fun on the unicycle is tricks and what not. So when I want to get around and do tricks at the same time, I will be riding my 36 but carrying my 20. Does anyone have any experience with this, any thoughts on this, anything. Im just looking for a good way to get both of them around. Maybe finding a way to lash my 20 to my 36? Strap it to the back somehow?
Anything is appreciated.

Find a really big rucksack to put it in, and take the pedals off?

Over your shoulder like a shovel. I’ve carried a 28 when riding my 20.

Haha… Im looking for practical… Is that even possible?

Of course it’s possible. I’ve carried two unicycles, one over each shoulder, or pushed them ahead of me while riding. But I wouldn’t want to do that for any significant distance (though I’ve done it for a couple of miles).

Your best bet is a backpack, possibly a snowboard backpack that you can strap the 20" onto the back.

carrying the 20 might make riding the 36 not so much fun. Find a cheep road bike and strap the 20 to the back.

Or maybe make a penny farthing adaptor to connect the 20 and the 36 together. That would be really cool.

Excelent points. I probably wont do that too often, and it would probably be short distance anyway.
So all of these are pretty practical…

Really liked the pennyfarthing idea though :slight_smile:

I use a backpack that has lots of straps on the front, and attach the 20 to it. You want the straps on the shoulders (and waist) as tight as possible, so it doesn’t throw off your balance too much by moving side to side.

If I can do it, anyone can. The thing is to ride the smaller wheel, to aid freemounting. Hold the other uni by the seat with the wheel up and behind your shoulder.

I can do it, and I have done it, I just remember it being uncomfortable on the shoulder.

liek so :stuck_out_tongue:

WOAH! love the green rim! : D nice

can you post a better picture of that 36er?

yea heres one on another thread i posted

The simplest solution to this would be to use some kind of padding on the 19"er’s neck/seat post. In fact something like an old MUni saddle would make a nice shoulder pad if you had some way to easily attach and remove it.

You could hook the two together (side-by-side) and use the middle pedals to move. Not sure how easy it’d be but it’ll look impressive.

I havn’t read all the other ideas but i have a handle on the front of my 29er and i lay my 20 on top of it and use my 20 as a handle/place to rest my hands.

Just strap it to a backpack, it works well. I’ve done that while riding on a 29".