how do u shifty

I can do half shifty but how do you get it back the other way? and tips like how high do you have to jump to do it?
i can do 180s to the right and left i just love the look of shiftys i also figure i can learn it when it’s raining?
also how do you footplant?

hello. to shifty: a good shifty will get you to about 90 degrees to one side and then back. when i do it, i turn the opposite way of my natural 180 (ie. i normally 180 to the left, but i do my shifties to the right. this helps me bring it back more easily cause im going my natural way when doing the hard part. try not to rotate anything above your waist. this will help you bring it back also if your body stays square. so only move your legs, and make sure you have a flexable back (ive pulled a muscle several times doing it). theres other threads on footplants somewhere i know. just look for them.


is a shifty just to one side and then back or is it to one side the the other so you kind of wiggle in mid air if the is not a shifty what is it?

a shifty is going to one side, then coming back. thats it.