How do u re-grease a hub, and if the hub is making noises, can i leave it like this?

yeah, like the title reads, cheers in advance mateys!

Hubs don’t make noise unless they are complex, multipart splined hubs. Simple hubs can’t be greased to any avail. Maybe your bearings or pedals are making noise. Maybe your cranks are loose. Sometimes saddles make squeaky noises. Spokes rubbing each other make noises. Try to isolate your problem or expand on the details of your equipment a bit.

Yeah, it is a Qu-ax 24 splined hub, and i cannot think of where else noise would be coming from, i shall give more info soon, cheers

What you do is unscrew the two bolts on your cranks, and pull the cranks off. Then clean the axle and the inside of the crank, and regrease with either copper grease, or similar (has to be able to withstand high pressure and high temperature), I use a special polymer grease which the lbs uses for their splined cranks. Be nice and liberal with the grease. Then put the cranks back on, first tightening the big bolt on the side a moderate amount, then tightening the little bolt on the side really hard, and then tightening the big bolt really hard. No more creaking! Unless it’s coming from your spokes, or pedals. You just do this procedure every month or two, keeps your splines healthy. (Make sure to change the position of the cranks, just turn them 90 degrees from what they were, this prolonges the life of your hub and cranks)