How do u do a "seat out hop"

after checking out some really good unicyclists seat out hopping, aka Kris Holm.
i know that the pictures of him are manipulated, but to a degree he is still doing a “seat out hop”

do any of u guys know how t o do these?
or could u tell me where i could find a tutorial to learn how to do them?


search them on the forums here, coz i know there has been ALOT of the same qstions asked that u r asking now! but kris holm has a tutorial on sif hops if u wanted to check it out (its a vid)

And ryan atkins has a how to vid on sif hops aswell, but they r more concentrating on wheel compression to get bigger sif hops, but u can check it out newayz, its in the forums !! (search for it)