How do I transport unicycles on airplanes?

How do I transport my unicycle on an airplane? I’m going to the Bahamas and its my golden chance to learn a unispin at the resort we’re going to- but how do I get the unicycle there?Do I put it with my luggage, bring it on board, or what?
Please answer fast ,I’m leaving on the 26th of December- 19 days.

Ok, maybe not sooooo soon, but please reply!!


A search for “airplane” found this from not to long ago.



All seam to be about flying with uni.
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I’d think the best way would be to take your uni apart and put it in another suitcase, or put the pedals, seat post, and seat in your carry on and just try to fit the frame and wheel wheel set in one of your normal suitcases.

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Hey Beni, welcome to the forums

the threads that AgentQ linked to should help but the big question is how big is your uni?

basically a small 20" or trials can be broken down and fit in regular luggage
a 24, 26, or possibly a 29 can be put in a hockey bag and checked as “sports equipment”
a 36 will probably need a bike bag, they might try to charge you a bike fee but they shouldn’t if you say it is circus equipment.

In all cases you should at least take the petals off to make it more compact.

Ignore the bickering and have a good trip

Travelling to Hong Kong from Sydney today.
Cathay Pacific baggage allowance ( without AUD200 oversize fee)
3 dimensions max is 158cm
See my packing
1 X 29" in circular case (took tyre off rim)
2 X 24" in rectangular case

Case dimensions
66cm diameter X 25cm
68cm X 68 cm X 22cm

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