How do i tell my mum?

Hey guys how do i tell my mum that i want to start unicycling. She isnt very good at saying yes to a lot of things i do so how did u tell ur mum u were gonna start to unicycle?
Need help badly lol.
I think there was a tread about this b4 but i cant find it so i created this one.

I went to my mom and said. “Mom, I want a unicycle.”


I just told her i was gettin one, she thought i was joking until i actually got it!
Now she doesnt care, she actually likes it i think:)
EDIT: Being that you are 13 i dont recommend just going and getting one like i did.

lol argg… im to scared to coz i dont want her to say no.
ill do it in like 20 mins. wen i build up the confidence.

i just asked her she said ok. I said " mum im getting a unicycle" and she said " what the hell is a unicycle"? lol. She said ill never use it and it will go in the corner in a month and i said no it wont dw. She said ok wateva.
I feel so proud im ordering one tomorrow cant wait.

So you decided what one your gunna get?
My first one was one of the 24inch ‘circus’ ones from eBay.

Are you asking her if you can unicycle, or asking her to buy one for you? Cos there’s a hell of a difference.

nah im buying it i was just asking her permission to buy one. She thinks im wasting my money though lol.

omG are you serious im getting a 20" circus one of ebay lol. Must be the same one. Did u get urs from oz- auction?

When I wanted a unicycle I asked for one for Christmas. I didn’t get one. They didn’t think I’d ever learn to ride it. So I hunted through the local classified ads for a used unicycle (this was well before the internet and ebay). Found a used Schwinn 20" at an advertised garage sale. That was my first uni. I did learn to ride it.

No, mine was from ebusiness supplies, however they both sell the same uni’s… mine is yellow.
It was great to learn on, but within 3 months i had got my Nimbus:D
Still, nothing wrong with the 24, i just wanted something to try and bust some tricks on, and lets just say i am more than happy with my progress.
I ended up getting my 24 for about 20-25 bucks plus the 29 for postage.
If your lucky you might get it for around 10 plus postage… i have been watching them lately and at different times the price varies heaps.

Why do you have to ask your mums permission to learn to unicycle?
Sorry if that sounds rude, but I just find that a bit odd! Surely your mum can’t stop you from doing something just because she thinks its weird!

Rock on!

I thought this at first, but looking back, my parents had some control over what i did when i was 13.

yeh i no. I bet in like 5 yrs they will be like so much coz they will be so much more popular. They will be like $100 for a beginner one soon lol. I was thinking of getting that $55 one u see wen u type unicycle 20" its 2nd from the bottom but its got a big handle thingo and ill probably keep hitting it with my leg so ill just get the cheapy then get a nimbus II or sumfin later on. My mate is getting into unicyling with me so that will cheap me interested in it.

i no but i mean u dont just go out n buy a drum kit without asking do you.

Nar dude, thats just the quick release, you wont hit your leg on it.
You will get one cheaper than that though, keep to the auction ones and get a bargain;)
EDIT: there is one ending in a bit over an hour with no bids.

I didn’t realy have to ask worry about asking my parents if I could get a unicycle for christmas, because I learnt to ride at a friends place and they saw me ridding it… So yer

Some parents have strong feelings agaisnt things… I mean if your parents where christians would you go agaisnt their morals and go out and by some porn mag?

lol yeh of course. I bet the Priest has a stash in his attick that he tells nobody about. Like the Priest fo the local church near us he got drunk at a party and got up on the table n started to dance n chat up chicks lol. Hows that a Priest for ya lol.

I hate it that wen u tell ur parents your gonna do something they always think your going to fail or chuck it in the corner in a month they never go good on ya son i hope you enjoy unicycling. The think its a joke.

In which case just keep at it and when you get good you can prove them wrong.