How do i tell my mom a unicycle isnt a joke that i want one?

i want one but she thinks its a joke

show her this


show her this


i want my mom to let me get a unicycle not a drug test, lol

You can find a cool vid to show her.

who is that?

Darn I tried to double post but it didnt work.

heh, tell her you either want a unicycle, or a tank, and let her decide that way.


Tell her to buy you a KH, because KH Unicycles are a part of the 1% For The Planet organization.

Well tell her you want a new mercedes benz and then keep nagging her about it. Until she screams NO. Then say “So can i have a unicycle yet seeming as it’s cheaper” and if she says no to that. Keep saying the words “why not” :smiley: :smiley:

BTW welcome to the forums my friend. :smiley:

Welcome to the forums! Please do not create any new threads for at least two weeks now. Give yourself a chance to look around and find out that probably everything you can think to ask has been covered here, especially discussions about which brand of entry-level unicycles are recommended.

If you want a unicycle with your mom’s money, yes you have to convince her. To do so with video, I’d recommend one that shows actual pedaling (not all hopping), and maybe makes it look a little less like you’re going to die in your first week. :slight_smile: Sorry I don’t have any examples handy. Here’s a pretty good one though.

Or buy your own unicycle, but then again you’re probably a kid and they’ll have to let you bring it in the house… Remember, a unicycle is a form of recreation that will increase your skill, your core fitness, your reflexes and your sense of balance. It will benefit you in countless ways outside of riding it. It will keep you from getting into trouble if you don’t have something else constructive to do.

What’s wrong with a joke?
Are your parents anti-fun?

Whatever, just tell 'em you’re either going to start unicycling, or start smoking.


You don’t say how old your are… but … since you need mom’s permission I’ll guess in your early teens?

oK… so try this

  1. Get a book on unicycling an actually read it… the whole thing. Talk about it at breakfast, dinner, and while riding in the car. If you already read a lot it should work, if you don’t read much I think it will really work.

  2. Find a favorite video to show her. Be careful how she will react. If she is really protective then save the extreme stuff until you actually have possession of the unicycle.

  3. Have her register here on the forums to talk to some of us “old folks” who might speak her language.

  4. Do you have a sibling that she wants you to get along with? A unicycle is a great way for siblings to bond as they learn to ride. This is how I learned as a kid, and the reason my father bought us one.

  5. Make her breakfast some morning. You can sweet talk most moms early in the morning if the house is clean and smells like coffee. :slight_smile: Some of us are easy.

You know, if I didn’t already know that you were a complete and total ass, this post would solidly cement that fact.

He asked a legitimate question, and most people took it as a total joke and gave stupid lame ass (not even funny) answeres. And then along comes you, who answers with the most arrogant, dick headed thing I’ve yet to hear you say, and that’s saying something.

To Canada:

Just to give an idea of how I use mine, which could possibly help you out. I ride at least once a day when I am walking my dogs. I take them about a mile or so a day, I could walk but that’s too slow for them, and I feel bad only taking them out once a day and then forcing them to walk slowly. I could jog, but I don’t have the endurance for that. I could bike with them, but not only is that kinda difficult, it’s also a pain in the butt to get out the whole bike every single day and then put it back. I keep the uni right by the door and it’s as simple as just reaching out my hand and grabbing it as I pass by.

So, if you have dogs, then you can tell her you’ll walk them every night, and as Ceasar suggests, they’ll have a better walk going faster. But even if you don’t, the idea is still the same. Going to the store or just down the street for whatever reason, it’s VERY handy to take a unicycle with you whenever you go out and take it wherever you go.

Also, unicycling is GREAT exercise. I’m not 100% on the numbers, but it’s much better exercise than a bicycle over the same distance (though not as efficient, obviously) and probably on par with jogging, though a much better core workout and much faster. If she argues with your wanting exercise, then in all seriousness, she isn’t a very good mother, and I’m sorry for you.

I like to ride off road, MUni, and this is not only great exercise (almost full body depending on how much you need to flail) but also great fun, and a great way to spend your time. Again, if she argues with you wanting to spend your time, not only making yourself stronger, but also doing something that is very fun, and not troublesome to others, then I’m sorry for you.

But really, you should work really hard to make these last two points. It’s very healthy, very good exercise, very fun, but maybe more imporatantly (to some mothers at least) you’re staying out of trouble.

She may object to the cost, unicycles ARE expensive, but you can show her the numbers for top of the line road, mountain, or trial bikes, and then show her some statistics for how much their components cost when you have to maintain them. And then inform her how the unicycles that you get ARE top of the line, and there are very little parts to replace or much cost in maintenance. Also, my personal suggestion, is that you try to persuade her to get you a better one right off the bat. It may be harder to get her to shell out more money at first, but, after just a few months when your ready to move on, it’ll be much harder to get her to buy you another one, the one that you shoulda got in the first place. However, that said, you could always check ebay or craigslist or similar and try to find a used uni for really cheap. Then, you’ll both know that it’s just to make sure that you can learn and that you are intersted after you learn. Then get a proper uni after having only “wasted” $30 or so.

If you let us know what you plan to do (street, trials, muni) we can probably help a little more, and if you have any questions DON’T HESITATE to ask them. Don’t listen to wannabe knowitalls like fossy. He’s just mad that he’s old and nobody cares about him anymore.

wow, that was completely unnecessary. his post was a bit rude, but yours was much much worse.

Wow, Thanks for your nice long comment AscenXion, i appreciate it, I plan on asking my mom in a few days, when the time is right, I think I’ll have to learn how to ride before i determine what genre im gonna fall into(I think freestyle, cause I’m a stunt junkie). I think im going to order the LX 20. I don’t mind the funny comments though, they brighten my day, but thanks for your real comment and the time you took to post it. Have a nice day.

Oh yah, is muni short for freestyle? I’ve seen it used a lot and don’t know what to make of it.

no muni is Moutain UNIcycling

Oh ok, thanks.

turn that frown( :angry: ) upside down(:slight_smile: ) …you stupid clown!!!