how do i START hopping?

well, i just started riding a week ago. not to brag or anything, but i must say i am pretty darn good for a weeks of riding. anyways, i want to learn how to hop. how should i approach this skill? and can some one please give me some tips

Here’s a link to Wobbling Unicyclist: Hopping
It’s quite a good, but I started hopping without the wall for support and it’s actually quite easy. First you should lower the seat a bit so you can lift yourself some inches while pedals are horizontal. You just have to be able to stop the unicycle, grab the saddle with one hand (having a handle on the saddle helps a lot), then jump using mostly your ankles at start. When you get the hang of it you can start using your knees too. Hmm. I guess that’s all about it. And remember to jump with your knees at start and make just small hops. I actually learned this by accident when I just thought I’d give it a try and it worked. After that I went to read more about hopping. I just couldn’t do any serious hopping at start because my first uni had a plastic wheel.

hey thanks for the link and info. i can now hop after 3 minutes of trying to

Yes, it is really easy. I have to practice on seat-out skills next.

i am week new so i dont know what all these terms mean. so i am lost on that eat out thing

“so i am lost on that seat out thing”

seat in jumping is jumping with the seat between your legs

seat out junping is jumping while holding the seat out in front of you, so that you can tuck the wheel under you while jumping, thus getting higher

watch some videos on the galleries to see the difference

also, when you get to the point of riding where you can balance in one place for a second or two, you will see the best hopping results. something i practiced that helped at the time was riding one revolution, hopping once, riding another revolution, hopping twice, ride, 3 hops, etc. etc.