How do I ship a tire?

I have a 24" Duro Leopard muni tire I want to sell. Can it be folded for shipping? Any advice on best way to do this? Thanks

When I’ve bought tires, they come loose in a big cardboard box. I could be wrong but I don’t think folding would be good for the tire.

Folding depends on the type of bead in the tire. I think steel beads are not good to bend, but kevlar (probalby not found in that tire) can be folded up nicely.

You can roll a typical MTB or road tire, even wire bead, into a smooth triple loop that won’t hurt anything, and is a lot smaller (good not just for shipping but also for carrying a spare with you on those epic expeditions!).

A smaller, heavier tire like the 24" Duro doesn’t fold as easily, so it might not work. I bought a 24" downhill tire that arrived folded into a too-tight figure 8, and the casing never really unfolded properly, so the figure 8 is definitely a no-no.

Here’s a photo of a 24x2.6" wire bead kenda kinetics tire rolled up; it’s not as heavy a tire as a Duro, though.

folded tire.jpg

Thanks for the info

Think I’ll use a large box to be safe.

Tires that can be folded are specifically labeled as such. It is a bragging right so manufacturers are hip to declare so. It depends on the bead as John said. A wire bead is cheaper, heavier, and shouldn’t be bent.

Tires are often sold in “folding” or normal at different prices. If you are unsure just use a big box.

It’s not hard to do what Mr Impossible posted, and doesn’t harm the tyre. If you hold the tyre at opposite sides and twist your hands in opposite directions, it naturally goes into a figure of 8, then folds in half into a circle half its original diameter O to 8 to o
Three loops is a little bit more complicated, but not hard.


When the Coker Non-Skid tire showed up at my doorstep, it was just wrapped full size in many layers of cling wrap type plastic. Seems like the shipping was $12 or so from Tennessee.

I think I got some Intense 24 x 3.0 tires shipped that way a while ago too.

bigger thinner tires are easier to fold (even “non-folding” ones) Smaller fatter tires are harder to fold. I don’t think I would try to fold a 3" Duro.

There is a great little video on how to fold tires on Sheldon Brown’s site.

Triple folding is actually better for the bead since it doesn’t involve as much of a twist.