How do i pin a twisting Kh seatpost?

Hi guys and girls.

Went for a muni ride today only to find that my KH rail type seat post is twisting at the top section of the seat post (where the black of the post meets the silver of the insert). Just wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to fix this problem. I was thinking of drilling a small hole on either side of the seat post and using a pop rivet to fix it. Would this work? or would i be better off orientating the rivets front and back? Also how far down the tube could i locate the holes and still get a fixing on the silver insert that is now moving?


This thread talks about that problem and solutions people have used. I replaced mine with a Thompson seatpost myself. Good luck!

I had this exact problem last week and got a free warranty replacement from Call your local one up to arrange it.