How do i paint my uni

hi… I want to change the color of my KH frame, but i dont know how to do it… :thinking: HELP ME!!

maestro8 made a great tutorial here:

wait a second… I’ll use the search function.

dam you beat me to it!

'Fraid so :roll_eyes:

I did this with painters tape and spray paint, and it came out really well. Perhaps you could use painters tape to make a cool design.

Another thing, I agree with maestro’s tutorial completely in the preparation. You have to make sure everything’s perfectly clean, or it’ll come out badly

First, select the magic wand tool, then fill the selection with the paint bucket, easy.

thank you guys… maestro8’s tutorial really helped me…
as soon as possible i will post some photos…:smiley:

I used maestro’s tutorial to paint one of my unis

could you post some photos…?

just get it powdercoated

I dont have any money right now so i’ll choose the cheapest way… and I think it’ll work fine…