how do i mount brakes without welding?

i would really need a brake for my “muni” (my trials that i use for muniing)
i have no access to a welder and there is nothing to mount the brakes to already (i will worry where to attach the brake lever later :))
and do i need special brakes or could a purchase one from any bike shop?

please any info will do

P.S i have a 2.5" wheel

You either use some dodgy thing that clips on with hose clips, or you find a bike shop that will weld brake mounts on. A lot of them will and it doesn’t cost insane money.

The kind of brakes most people get are Magura HS33 hydraulic brakes. They cost quite a lot. If you’re getting brake mounts welded on, you need special Magura specific brake mounts welding on to put these on. Some bike shops will be able to get these, usually ones that deal with trials bikes.

You can also use v-brakes, like on a normal bike. These need normal brake mounts welding on, loads of bike shops will be able to organise this. V-brakes start pretty cheap. There are supposedly some disadvantages compared to maguras, although I don’t know how many people have actually tested V-Brakes to see what the disadvantages are in practice.


Vs or Hydros are the best but if you don’t need huge amounts of braking then you could get away with a caliper brake.

Something like this:

The cable might rub your leg a bit. You will need a pretty big one to fit around a unicycle wheel, a BMX one should do it.

To fit it all you need is a hole drilled in the middle of the crown (at the bottom of the tube the seatpost fits in)


I don’t think it’s power that is the problem as pretty much any brake can lock up a wheel. The modulation on maguras is very good which I think is one of the main things people say is better about them.

It’d be interesting to see how well a bmx caliper brake worked, it’d be a very neat solution without the hassles of hydraulic brakes.

I’ve heard from several people that brakes other than maguras are bad because you could knock them into the wheel, but not heard this from anyone who’s actually used anything other than maguras?


I had centre pulls on my 26". These never got knocked but the tyre clearance was pretty poor. Only good for a 2". I also had some cable V’s on my 24x3. These would knock into the rim occasionally but it didn’t affect riding noticably.

If you want to do a V-brake, then you can use this:
And Im pretty sure you dont need to weld it on. Just buy that plate, the v-brake, and put the v-brake on those posts, and then figure out a way to attach that to the frame right above the tire so the brake pads are touching the rim. Make sure it is firmly attached to the frame.

At least i think thats how its done, I have never done it or heard of anyone doing it. So anyone, please correct me if im wrong.


Ahh yes, it says that “Mount your V-brake without welding or drilling your frame!” and “Mounts easily with two two standard industrial-strength automobile hose clamps, included.” to confirm what I said.

So this seems like the easiest and cheapest way to get brakes on your unicycle.