How do I modify a kh seat not to destroy my manhood?


I’ve been unicycling for couple of months now and I’m loving it. I like my basic kh/velo seat, but after half an hour it starts to hurt my balls…

Without going too much into details, I don’t sit on them, but push or lift them out of the way when I sit down. After commuting for half an hour I can feel them going numb. I have tried to tilt the seat up and down as much as I can but it doesn’t help, the pain just goes elsewhere. I’ve got just a basic seat post so can’t adjust it a lot.

All I can think of is the concave on the seat being too small for me as I am quite a big guy. Should I strip the seat and shave some of the foam off to make more room? Any other recommendations?

I cut a wedge of foam off of the nose of my KH saddle–about 1 cm thick at the nose and tapered back about 7 cm. This made the saddle way more comfortable for me.

I was going to start a thread on this. I just got some Under Armour compression shorts. They are designed as underwear for football players and hold everything firmly up and out of the way. I wear them under mtb bike shorts and can Muni for hours with no butt or b*ll pain. I have a standard KH fusion seat with no mods.


drop your seat … or do every thing seat out!!haha
no but the under armor shorts work great!

I have pictures of a KH seat foam mod that I did for my Coker saddle. The pictures are at the bottom of my Airseat gallery (scroll down to the bottom). It gives more room up front and flattens the seat out a bit.

Additionally you can fill in the deep part of the seat base to flatten it out. I filled in the bottom of my Coker seat base with duct tape. The goal is to flatten the seat a bit so it doesn’t have such a deep “U” style shape.

Here’s a quick sketch of what I mean. The red area is what I filled in with duct tape.


Rail Adapter, relatively cheap and easy, makes a world of difference.

are you wearing padded cycling shorts? it’s a lot easier to wear appropriate clothing than to modify the seat.

the pain is half the fun

you dont modify the seat,
you modify yourself.
weve all done it. There is a special sergeon that does unicyclist’s half price due to a deal Gilbly struck up about a year ago but now has forgotten about so dont even bother asking him :wink:

Learn to ride out of the saddle for 20 second bursts every once in a while, this will allow blood to flow and is surprisingly effective. Try shifting around on the seat every few minutes and riding with most of your weight on the handle for bursts of a few minutes, this should also help.

I’ve got no cycling shorts. Have tried different undies though. Going commando feels the best so far, but don’t really like the idea. I think i’m gonna modify the seat and practise seat front riding.

You don’t need to necessarily ride seat out front, just stand up in the saddle so that all your weight is on your legs not your backsde.

You don’t nessesarily need anything too expensive (mine are in the $50-$70 range), you can even get cycling un der shorts. But the best is regular shorts
I like to wear tight shorts with thin shorts or pants over, but w/o is better or baggy shorts.
I found a gell seat much more comfortable. Crushing wasn’t a problem after 2 weeks of learning, but crotch rash was.

Definately easier. :sunglasses:

That would suck for trials because if I wear boxers it sucks. You get the point I am trying to make

Your seat isn’t destroying your manhood. Manhood is about self control, courage, respect for others, kindness, sense of humour, loyalty and integrity. It isn’t destroying your manhood. It’s just crushing your goolies. Does that make it feel any better? I thought not.

I’ve still got all that :slight_smile: But the seat keeps killing my nuts.

lower it or get them removed and keep them in a jar untill you need them

Have you figured out a good modification for the seat yet?

I jsut got the new Nimbus handlebar / rail adapter today. I tilted the seat so far up at the front that it looked … uncomfy. Then sat on it and felt all my weight go on my bum - where it’s meant to be. I have yet to test it for riding longer distances, but definitely a rail adapter can make a surprising difference to your weight distribution.

A rail adapter and rail seatpost doesn’t have to cost that much so it might be worth looking into.