How do i make UNIcycle out of a Bike?

hello anyone now somewere were i could like get some help on making a unicycle out of a bike links will help or unicycle blueprints. Thank You:D

I made one a while back. I cut the seat stays at the top and bent them down, cut the down tube near the bottom bracket but left a healthy stump, and cut the top tube at the head tube.

I popped the bearings out of the headset and fit it over the stump of the down tube on the BB. I welded the head tube to the BB and the bent down seat stays to the head tube. I then spot welded the freewheel on the rear wheel to keep it from spinning. I took a post clamp from another uni and cut a notch in the end of the down tube and added some shims so a unicycle post would fit. Added a post and a seat, shortened the chain and voila a functional yet ugly short giraffe unicycle slightly geared up with a road bike wheel :slight_smile:

Not all frame work the same way, my advice is just figure something out and start chopping and welding.

thats a good start.I recommend an old clapped out bmx bike an angle grinder,electric welder,imagination,patience and the internet.Go for it.

You can make a standard unicycle frame from the front fork of a bike.

The easy way is to use Miyata lollipop bearing holders that bolt on the frame. Flatten the end of the fork where the wheel fits, form the flat ends to fit in the Miyata bearing holder, drill holes, bolt on the bearing holders. No welding. Use the neck of the fork for the seat tube. Difficulty, I don’t see the Miyata bearing holders on so I’m not sure if they’re still easily available.

Another option would be to weld the generic stamped main cap style bearing holders to the fork.

That still leaves you with the rear part of the bike to make a giraffe style unicycle with. A short “penguin” style giraffe where the pedals are right above the wheel would be a fun toy to have.

you could cut it to make a freewheel giraffe with the back end, make a bc wheel with the front wheel, and a frame with the forks. i think that i might make some of this stuff

Just weld the handlebars in place, chop off the front fork and there you go, a geared uni :smiley: