how do i make an album???!?!?!?

what do i have to do to make an album? i go into my account thing and click create new album the it comes to a sreen with only a “Dismiss” button and if you click it it closes the window.any tips?

I doesnt work for us newbies to the forum … :frowning:
(and seems our requests go unanswered)

I got dismiss also. :thinking:

That’s a shame. For now why not use this album I created for you…

Actually wait a minute…I just tried changing the preferences so that you could run it as your own album but you’re not on the list. I also tried for DigitalDave who isn’t there either. It seems you new users don’t exist in the eyes of the gallery.

Well I tried. I’m happy to put photos in there if you email them to me or put them in a thread somewhere for now. I don’t know what else to do.

Does anyone else want a gallery like this that they don’t really own and can’t add photos to? I’m happy to set one up if you want.


Thanks for you effort !

Your the only one who even investigated our problem :slight_smile:

I tried.

Your user name in the gallery is case sensitive. Your user name here in the forums is not case sensitive. When logging in to the gallery you have to make sure that you enter your user name correctly and in exactly the same way as you entered your user name when first creating your account for the forums.

Right. That was my problem. I offered that as a solution and it didn’t seem to help.

When i go onto the change permissions page, some people aren’t there. It seems to be newer users too. However it might just be that it only recognizes you once you have logged in, and that it gets your initial login permission from the forum database. I’ have no idea. Gilby has seemed quiet about this, so I’m thinking he’s working on a solution.

I think the problem might be that the config.php file that is used for gallery needs one (or both) of the following set:

$gallery->app->selfReg = "yes";
$gallery->app->emailOn = "yes";

If either of these are set to “no” then gallery will deny the creation of the new user and present a “dismiss” button.

That’s how the standalone version of gallery works. Not sure about when it’s embedded in vBulletin.

Perhaps this might help Gilby fix the problem.