How do I lock up my unicycle?

I love my unicycle and it would devistate me if someone stole it.

How do you chain your unicyle up so no one steals it?

Im talking about, if I ride down to the beach or if I go to the shops or anywhere that bringing a unicycle would not be the best option.

Im not taking my unicycle into the water with me! :stuck_out_tongue: Just think of what the salt water would do.


through the tire is the biggest thinkg you can do. without tools you can’t take anything. through the pedals, handle and brake mount (if you have one) if you are paranoid

i just go through the wheel above the axel…no one would go through that much struggle to steal your unicycle…unless its a really nice one i suppose…but mine isn’t lol…and most people wouldn’t be able to get away on it haha

i use one of these

i put the U-lock bar thing through the wheel above the hub and lock it to a post of some sort. then i take the cable through the wheel and seathandle and put that to the post as well.

maybe a little excessive. but i dont want my uni stolen.

i have a chain and lock and out it throu the spokes the frame and bike rake

I have a thick cable-type bike lock that goes through the wheel and around whatever I’m chaining it to. I have a smaller one that goes through the wheel and attaches to the saddle handle so that hopefully nobody pulls it off. If I’m going into a store, I just throw it in the shopping cart.

Well the first thing it does is rust up your bearings until they completely lock up. That takes about 1-2 days. Riding along the beach in up to 2 feet of water is really fun though.

I’m locking up my Trials with this lock:

It’s not extremely safe -(it is with steel cable!)- but it is OK if you are going for a drink or something

SOrry, I cant help you here. I bring my uni with me everywhere. If I know I am going to go swimming, I wont bring it, but when going in stores and anywhere else, I have it right along side of me.

If one store doesnt allow me to bring it in, I have plenty of stores that will.

umm i think i could cut that with the scizers on my pocket knife

and a cop asked me it i “bosted” stole my uni the other day

I went to the beach yesterday and took along the best protection. I brought a friend :D.

Unfortunately It was way too windy and overcast to go swimming. The weather changed rapidly that day.

Just a warning, sand and wind and unicycles dont mix. I spend a fair while trying to wipe off the sand when I got home.

most people wont know the difference between a nice one and a crappy one haha

its very easy to broke a chain like that

im not sure if i can let my uni with a chain on the street.

i cant let my bicicle also