How do I get this unicycle with theese cranks

I want to get the 29" Drak muni with these cranks, but due to a tighter budget can’t afford to buy the cranks along with the unicycle (basically I want to avoid having an extra pair of cranks). I contacted udc and asked if they could ship the unicycle with these cranks instead of the drop down options and they said that they would only ship with the selectable choices.

Buy a different unicycle.

Complete unis come “complete”, as in, in a box with cranks installed, direct from Taiwan.

If you want a custom uni, then build one, it won’t cost that much extra, esp if you build your own wheel.

Alternatively, you can sell the extra cranks.

I believe they are being a little not customer friendly.

UDC Australia for examply. I wanted a KH29 with a slim saddle and 110/137 spirits.

I thought i was asking alot of them if they could swap these parts but Pete here was great! He opened the box removed the original cranks and replaced the seat and supplied with my complete uni exactly as i wished for!

From the invoice it appears he just adjusted hes stock inventory to reflect my changes. Given that the cost of the saddle and cranks we the same as the models i wanted.

With your Drak, Spirits are a higher cost than nimbus cranks. IF they did help you out you need to pay the price difference regardless.

Dont expect anyone to put them selves out of pocket even $1. Only then…

Dreams can come true

I tried to choose parts for a custom and they always ended up being too expensive

I did offer to pay the different so…

so their being difficult but not unreasonable,

maybe ask one last time and for a reason it can not be done if they decline your request. Could always drop the ’ UDC Austraila does’ bomb if you like lol

Good Luck, All else you may need to save for the extra pair of spirits for it. Will be well worth the wait

Im guessing the reason they wont sell them with the unicycle because they are selling quick?? low stock?

nar they seem to like most not want to go out of their way for people

They didnt give reason by the sounds. No customer service there…

UDC NZ Were not real good with there punctuality and packing when i used them once. Just once

Actually, it’s quite the opposite, they go out of the way for people “too much”.

The problem is that UDC USA, like all small businesses, is understaffed and overworked, they have to spread themselves thin because it’s the nature of small business and the only way to survive. UDC NZ is waaaay smaller and serves a small fraction of the population of UDC USA.

Next time you order a custom wheel, consider who is building the wheel: Josh builds all of the custom wheels at home in the evenings AFTER work, while spending time with his family. He built a custom cargo bike and trailer so he could carry the dozens of rims/hubs/spokes back and forth from home to UDC. Seriously, the guy works hard!

Okay, so let’s say you want to swap parts, you want a different crank, but to be fair you are willing to pay the price difference AND pay the labor for swapping parts. One hour of shop time for them to unpack the box, pull the old cranks, install the new cranks, repack the box. Let’s say that their shop labor time is $25. Still interested?

Also, consider that the OP is buying a “price break” uni. They make very little on this kind of uni, it comes from Taiwan as a complete, then to top things off they ship the price break unis for FREE!

UDC is not making it big, they are more than fair and are always willing to get the extra mile for customers, but if they “customize” unis based on every whim, then where does it stop and at what point do they become overwhelmed?

UDC US told me the same thing when I bought my Drak and wanted to upgrade to the Spirits at that time. I was kind of put off by that but they have gone above and beyond for me in other areas.

You’ll like the Drak. You might also take into consideration that if you order it with the KH Moments, they might be easier to sell than Nimbus Venture 2s. Venture 2 cranks look to be going for $25 on UDC and the Moments are $50.

Great to hear they are mostly positive experiences with UDC, but so what was the reason UDC cant help the guys with a crank swap here?

It is not a long, hard task in doing the process manually and amending paperwork. Consumers need genuine explanations if their needs are not met. I like giving customers alternative that interest them in my past sales environments i worked.

Soon as i figured out to get anywhere in most jobs you need to crawl, stab and suck up to people to get anywhere further up in most careers i am since out of sales because i find helping so many, above and beyond others expectations or my salary, It gets you no where. Not many self made rich people are genuine, nice, kind and truly caring about others.

We and UDC could be those kind crossing the line, as Ben says going out of the way for people ‘too much’

Hope you sort something with the cranks. you may need more patients in the end with what ever happens

I think it may be because the dual hole spirts cost more than the single hole spirts that are available in the drop down. Perhaps if there was someway to add the additional cost onto the uni they’d do it.

UDC has been a bit strange with me before. I wanted to specify an orange seat instead of the color listed, but they told me I’d have to buy the seat seperate because they’d had issues with messed up orders. On my last one I just put it in the comments box, and had an orange seat anyway.