How Do I Get My Rollo Disks On?

Hey guys I recently got some rollo disks from and I can’t seem to get them on.

This is what I do:

I take my crank bolt out(I have a kh of course) and put the disk in place.
When I start turning the bolt to tighten it only tightens for about half a turn and than pops loose.
I obviously need longer bolts or something.
Kris, anybody, what should I do?

Sounds like your threads could be stripped there bud.

take pictures!!!

Sounds like you need longer bolts.

If you are lucky a hardware store might have something suitable.

i know this is stupid but maybe your turning it the wrong way… i dono

it would suck if you stripped it!!

there was another thread in the past few days giving advice on installing them.

The advice from Kris, was to have the crank installed. If you try to install the crank and the Rollo disc at the same time, they wont catch, but if you install the crank then the disc is should catch fine.

It sounds like Forrest has is cranks already installed.

i herd that they are to small…u may have to hit up a hardware store. im scoring up a pair(of rollos):wink: this weekend!!

I won’t profess to know how to install the Rollo’s but I do know that the KH crank bolts came in at least 2 lengths. Contact UDC to see if a longer bolt is required and whether or not they can supply you with longer ones.

When I purchased my KH 24 (with moments) there were some cosmetic flaws on one of the crank arms. My LBS had another set sent out from UDC and when we did the swap we noticed that my original bolts were longer than the replacement bolts that came with the new cranks. Not sure if this means that they still have different lengths or not.

Hope this helps.

makes an awful lot of sense, having the crank wound fully up on to the spline would give you spare bolt length

I just talked to and they said they don’t have any longer bolts.

The dude from udc recommended trying to get my crank on tighter to allow the bolt to reach more threads,
but I’m pretty sure the crank is on all the way.

I can’t install the rollos on my '07 KH due to the spacers being too wide between bearing and crank arm. Try removing them. Even having done that the axle bolt barely goes in maybe like 3-4 revolutions and it feels really sketchy. I honestly think the Rollos need revision and UDC should ship them with longer bolts.

Alright I took some pictures. The difference is huge if your spacers are indeed too wide. Make sure you tighten your cranks up a lot if you removed the spacers.

I did my best to use the tire as a reference to avoid parallax.

Picture 1 is without the spacer
Picture 2 is with :astonished:
Picture 3 is on my Nimbus hub
Picture 4 is my ridiculously large spacers… ~7mm

As Kris has weighed in on this it sounds as though there is a concern re: bolt length.

I just spoke with my LBS and asked the owner about ISIS crank bolts.

Generally speaking there are two different diameters of bolts for ISIS cranks.

The smaller diameter ones are longer (than the larger diameter ones) and are used for high strength applications (i.e. KH unicycles and higher end trials / BMX etc bikes)

In each of the two diameters there are two different lengths available.

As I mentioned earlier I have seen the two different lengths being used on KH ISIS cranks and have the longer of the two installed on my 07 KH 24. The question remains as to whether or not the longer bolt is long enough to include the application of the rollos or whether a completly new length bolt will need to be obtained / manufactured

Foforackard has indicated that UDC only has one length of bolt in stock (long or short?)

My LBS also mentioned that you would not likely have much luck purchasing the proper bolt from other than a bike shop but who knows.

A word of caution re: metric size bolts. They do come in thread configurations other than course & fine so be very cautious if you get a bolt from other than a bike shop as it may damage the hub threads.