how do i find out what grade i am?

hi there fellas, (and ladys)

how do i go about finding what grade i am? and whats this grade somthing point somthing about?

e.g. grade 4.2



do you mean one of the ten skill levels of unicycling?

Ask your teacher, he/she will be glad to tell you. If you have started social studies and delved into long division and multiplication, chances are your in 4th grade. If basic science and R.L Stein books are in the curriculum, then I’d say 5th grade. However, if your reading books with Spot, Dick or Jane as the lead character, then its probably 3rd grade. Anyway, just keep chuggin along, youll get there someday sport.

You say potato…

Two nations forever divided by a common language…

Hey, take it easy on him guys. We were all newbies at one point. I’m sure this is what you were looking for, BunkleBanks:

You are only at a level when you can do all of the skills in that level consistently (1 out of 2 tries, is it?), but people often say things like “i am level 3.5” even though they can only do levels 1 and 2 and half of level three’s skills. Really, they are at level 2.5, except, in the real qualifications, there aren’t half levels, so they’d only be at level 2. People usually aren’t even certified, like the rules are supposed to indicate. Instead people just use the system to express their skill level, like i do.

You may also be interested to know that the skills levels are for freestyle unicycling. I ride street so i can do some tricks at level 7, yet still haven’t completed level 4, because i don’t practice skills according to the levels. I just do tricks that are fun for me to do down stairs and ledges, etc.

Hope this is what you were looking for. Post more questions if i’m a dumbass and haven’t answered your question well. I’m sure the other kids that responded to the thread are done giggling now (that’s not to say that i didn’t have a laugh at that R.L. Stein comment, haha.).

thanks hecklar,

thanks hecklar that has certainly helped me,
unlike posts from other people.

maybe soon i will find out if i have gone past level 1 yet, because i havnt been unicycling all that long (altho i dont like to poke fun at those less abled because i dont think its good manners!)

thanks 4 ur help