How do I Embed?

As the title says… How do I Embed videos from Vimeo or youtube etc. :thinking: :thinking:

On the side of Vimeo, It has a share button. This will give you the embed video. Same with youtube, i think.

Thank you guys i’ll go try it now… :sunglasses:

you could do that to :roll_eyes:

It only works with youtube… could someone say me how to do it with vimeo.?

The title reminded me of this


Okay… i’ll try
here’s a little test:

Edit: I don’t think it works…

After searching for an answer to the issue of embedding vimeo links and finding this inconclusive thread, I figured out the problem myself. Vimeo links do not always include www. but only when www. is included will the forum automatically embed it. So if you are posting a link that starts http://vimeo… change it to http://www.vimeo… and it should work.

The first time I added the www, it worked, but not since! :frowning:

That’s alot of Toblerone!