how do i do tricks?

finnaly i can ride so now i need to learn some tricks… -kokomo ty

search! young padawan search!

learn to ride with one foot tho

then backwards

Go jump some sets and gaps.
Learn to grind things.

But if your not about that I guess you can stick to crankflips and unispins.

At your level though I would just reccomend getting better at rolling hops and learn one foot rides

try dropping stairs. do sets of two first (you can pretty much just ride off them) then build up. also try one- foot riding.

only try unispins if
a) you have shin guards
b) you are a masochist

here’s some stuff to learn.

static hopping.

rolling hopping.

1 footed riding (left and right foot)


wheel walking

sif hopping

hopping up curbs (once you can hop well)

riding down stairs (it’s just a hill with bumps)

Should I preach the levels here?





If nothing’s working, then post.

Youtube helps lots watch and watch over again…its shoes you techniques and what they are ment to look like