How do I dismount from my 6-foot giraffe???

Hi, I just had my friend pass up my wireless laptop to me…:wink:
I’m just got one of the Savage 6 footers, and I really have issues getting off this thing.
Never ridden giraffes before, and I can mount it okay, but I just can’t get down!
part of it is that I’m somewhat terrified…and part is that every time I have gotten down, often unintentionally, I land hard, usually on all 4 limbs, and it’s quite common for me to do a few rolls on the ground on my less graceful dismounts.

I tried doing the little half rev backwards as I step off, but that makes me feel like I’m about to fall backwards, which I’ve so far managed to avoid.

I’ve already succeeded in puting some pretty impressive gashes and scrapes into my knee, elbow, and especially wrist guards, not to mention the saddle…
I know it’s possible to land on your feet and catch the seat, but how???

Re: How do I dismount from my 6-foot giraffe???


To start though, when you’re ready to dismount have a friend catch the unicyle for you so that you can concentrate on landing.

It’s an odd question really since the first time I rode a giraffe, I just dismounted like it were a regualr uni, and I was fine, just had to do a little more shock absorption in my knees

The giraffe may be 6 feet tall but the pedals are only about 3 feet off the ground so yor’e really not falling all that far.

Take a look at this website. It has a page about giraffe riding and has small section about dismounting.

You could try searching the forums for giraffe dismounting too.

Did you buy the savage 6’ from UDC during the closeout special? I was thinking about getting one, is it worth the money?

the thing is, it looks a lot higher when you’re up there than it actually is. watch someone else on a giraffe, and you can tell that your feet are only about three feet off the ground. so you can easily jump five feet. just make sure you fall off backwards, and you know there’s nothing in front of you. if you go off forwards and the wheel rolls back and hits a wall or something, the saddle can stop suddenly and you’ll hit it, and possibly cause serious damage to your coccyx. or maybe even your nuts, which would be even worse. it’d feel worse anyway. (:

Re: How do I dismount from my 6-foot giraffe???

Hi, I just had my friend pass up my wireless laptop to me…:wink:

Actually thats exactly what came in my mind when I read the subject of your post.


Just do a backflip out… pretty simple :smiley:

I’d like to use this thread in my new magazine, is that okay?

yes, absolutely.

Great, thanks!

-Tyler :slight_smile:

Skippii, are you trying to dismount foward or backward? The easiest way to dismount the giraffe is to hold the front of the seat and just fall back and land on your feet. That’s it! If you fall foward, the momentum usually throws you on your hands and knees and if you fall sideways, you can hurt your ankle. So just let the uni roll out in front and your feet will just go straight down and land flat.

Good luck!

Oh! That helps a lot!
At least, I think it will…if I can get up the nerve to step backwards…:frowning:


Gravity is in your favor for dismounts:D . Hey maybe we’ll have a few minutes to practice on the 16th. I’m brushing up on my giraffe skills for my demo.

I always dismount off the front, just stop, talke you right foot off the pedal and stick it out in front, gently lean forward and then bring your left foot off the pedal before you the the floor and bend your knees slightly. By some subtle manipulation of the left pedal you can control wether the wheel stays still and you fall forward, or you drop vertically and the wheel shoots out behind.

Don’t let the wheel shoot out unless you are absolutely sure of what’s there. This is why it’s technically safer to dismount to the rear. If you let the wheel roll forward, it’s a lot easier to notice if something will be in its way.

If something blocks the wheel, it will give you a big jolt and throw you forward (if the wheel is behind you). This can hurt and make for a very sloppy landing. Also a rolling wheel could hit someone if there are people around.

When in doubt, ride to an object about 3’ high and step off onto that. Back in my early unicycling days, those objects were car fenders. Cars aren’t made the way they used to be though, so I don’t recommend this. Picnic tables work very well.

Your fear of dismounting suggests you are a beginning-level rider. Can you idle or ride backward? If you’re riding giraffes I highly recommend you learn these basic unicycling skills to make you safer up there. Sometimes things just get in your way, and if you can’t idle or back up, you could get hurt in a space-limited dismount.