How do I buy a summit unicycle brand new?

any tipper would be of thanks. How do u buy a brand new summit trials? i want one brand new. I can only find used…

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If your going into trials just get something good right away so you wont ahve to upgrade… id suggest a kh 20" or a bedford hardcore or hardcore or maybe a Qu-Ax you can get the bedfrods at on the other ones at udc :slight_smile:

Travel back in time to when they were still being manufactured, then purchase one. Ideally, you should set the Wayback Machine to the fall of 2003. I think at that point they had been discontinued, but was having a great “fire sale” on them.

If you can get ahold of a Flux Capacitor, I am pretty sure you could get a new Summit.

lol i didnt know they werent making them anymore… sorry lol thanks


Keep watching eBay, you might find a low mileage Summit. One sold on eBay just a couple of weeks ago.

I have one of those “Fire Sale” Summits from a couple of years ago and I use it almost everyday - the best uni-fun investment I’ve made. However, there are now so many options for splined, high quality, trials unicycles why do you have your sights set on a Summit? Back in the day, the Summit was on the cutting edge of quality, production, trials unicycles. But now you have a host of choices and the Torkers haven’t fully hit the market yet. These new unicycles have the much improved “de-nubbed” cranks and better pedals, etc. If you find a great deal on a Summit on eBay buy it! But I suggest exploring your options from the current stable of choices.


The reasonn i have an eye on them is because they are cheap and built very well. and i have a small bugdet

I saw them on ebay about amonth ago. There arn’t anyright now and probably won’t be for awhile, it was just lucky.

I walked into a local bike shop and found my summit hanging on the wall. Have no clue how but the store had 3 in stock. Me and my brother both bought one for 250. Should have bought the other to sell on ebay :angry:

I would recommend another uni… as the summit is VERY heavy and had a lot of defects that were fixed in the 2004 KH uni (which it was a take off on). that is the reason they are so cheap (the company relized that they weren’t very good and stopped making them). It was crazy… i would like to offically shake my fist at the people responable for stealing Kris’s parts… and screwing them up so baddly… well at least his name wasn’t on it eh?

Wrong, the Summit is very well made. It does not have any defects. It IS a 2003 KH wheelset. The only “defect” if you want to call it that is the nubs on the cranks (the '03 KH had those as well) which are easily removeable. The frame is solid as a rock and has excellent bearing holders.

Sorry, I’m with pdc - and you don’t have the story straight. Here’s where the Summit came from, right from Kris Holm:

And, I heartily disagree on the “low quality” comments. My Summit has been rock solid in all aspects. Again: It has the '03 rim, cranks and hub (all very strong), and the frame is only a little on the bulky side. I haven’t noticed a difference in my performance when switching to lighter frames. Summit frames are virtually unbreakable.

Just watch your ankles.

Here’s the cure for that.

yeah the summit is a well built unicycle. I cant afford a KH unicycle (i wish). anyone have a KH trials for sale?

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