How do I backwards wheel-walk?

Hey guys.

Does anyone have any tips on how to backwards wheel-walk? 6 pushes is my record…should I lean more forward or back than usual?

~Sara has a little bit of advice.

You definetly don’t lean back. This makes you pull the wheel really fast in order to retain balance. In forwards wheel walking the proper technique is to lean back. In backwards ww i think it is better not to keep the body overly forwards, but just comfortably forwards if that makes sense. I also find it easier to have minimal gap between the feet. Use the heel at the start of the stroke and the toe at the end. Remember to lift up the heel of the foot as it gets close to frame because otherwise you will hit the crown with your foot if you have a crown that sticks up a bit.

Thanks Nick, mind if we borrow that for the site?


I find that i keep my body fairly upright and arms out to the side for some reason :), The unicycle frame needs to be about 20-30 degrees backwards to have the momemtum but also so theres room to fit the feet in.


No worries.

I’m not exactly that great at backwards ww but o well.