how do five-ten impact hi fit?

no way to find five-ten impact shoes in France (any variety but I am looking for the “high” sort).
so I will be obliged to buy through the net …
but finding shoes has always be difficult for me and I always need to try.
My feet are size 42 (european size) but since they are fairly wide I often use size 43 (but then they are too long).
So are five-ten wide wide enough for a bear’s foot?
(I would really like to have size 42 … or may be size 42.5?)
advice? experience?


The Five Ten folkd told me they fit the exact same as the low top. I wear the Sam Hills and they seem to fit very simialr to a pair of leather lace up Vans.

uh? :thinking:
(no idea whatsoever of the references you quote …)
site says that 42 euro is 8 UK … how can I measure the foot width?

See my review on the Sam Hills, it’s teh same shoe as the Imacts. They fit standard D width, so I’d suggest using a lace up Van leather low top for comparison. They only have one width, I think they fit a little on the wide side.

My normal shoes are size 10 UK. Just had a look at my five tens and they are size 11. These fit me really well. But then again I have fairly ‘normal’ sized feet.

If you really cant find anywhere to try them on I would suggest going 1 size bigger than normal trainers. Even if they are slightly too big, being almost a boot you should be able to do them up real tight and stop them slopping about.

In the end though you’ll just have to try and see,

hope this helps

I wonder if you were to supply the vendor of your choice with some dimensions of your foot. (length, width across ball part of foot and width at heel) if they would be better able to help you size a shoe.

According to this chart you’d take a UK 8/8.5, EU 42/42.5, US 9/9.5
I wear a 13 US, 47 EU, UK 12, pretty consistent for me over the years.

The only problems I have with shoe fit are when they run short. The Five Tens run true to size, so if you wear a UK 42, then get the US 9. In my experience it’s better to hedge your bet on the big side, so get a US 9.5 as well.

I’d order more than one size and return the wrong size, but that’s gonna be expensive if you order from the US. Can you order from the UK?

UK/US Men/US Women/EU CM
2.5 5 35 21.5
3 5.5 35.5 22.0
3.5 6 36 22.5
4 5 6.5 37 23.0
4.5 5.5 7 37.5 23.5
5 6 7.5 38 24.0
5.5 6.5 8 39 24.5
6 7 8.5 39.5 25.0
6.5 7.5 9 40 25.5
7 8 9.5 41 26.0
7.5 8.5 10 41.5 26.5
8 9 10.5 42 27.0
8.5 9.5 11 42.5 27.5
9 10 43 28.0
9.5 10.5 44 28.5
10 11 44.5 29.0
10.5 11.5 45 29.5
11 12 46 30.0
11.5 12.5 46.5 30.5
12 13 47 31.0

My feet are wide at the front, so need a shoe that allows for that without being too long.

I usually take an 8 1/2 US - 41/42 EU shoe. I have a pair of Five Ten Sam Hills (Lo’s) 8 1/2 US and they fit great, especially after a few weeks of use. The shoe design is reasonably generous re width across the front - this for the Lo’s, not sure if the Hi’s are the same.

So from what you say, sounds like a 42/42.5 EU should be close for you. I agree though - tricky to order shoes online. I waited for a store in the city to get some stock in and made a trip down to try some before buying.

When I bought mine (online) I was told they were slightly baggy, and to order a size smaller than normal. My shoes are usually UK size 10, or 44/45 Euro, so I went for the 44 rather than 45. They seemed a good fit, but I’ve had some nasty toe-stubbing incidents (lost toe nails twice) due to my toes being RIGHT at the front of the shoe. If they ever wear out (they seem to be lasting for ever) I’ll get a bigger pair next time.

That was a bit over two years ago, so I don’t know if the design has changed since then.


If you wear a 42 then you should be good to go. I have wide feet. My 5.10’s were very roomy. I almost think I could have gone down a 1/2 size.

i have somewhat wide feet and i went with the size of all my other shoes (10.5) and my impact highs fit perfectly.

after a long long wait I received a pair of five ten hi size 42.5 euro
as usual a bit too long (real size should be 42) and not wide enough (I have really wide feet) . but I will probalby get accustomed to the very tight fit (after all those boots are not made for walking).
thanks for all the advices

as long as they aren’t too tight to be wearable, having them tighter will give you more support. they should break in a bit too.

just a small critic on five-ten: I’ll have to drill a hole for the laces … in the high partr of the shoe they obviously forgot to have one more eyelet for the laces.
is this a bizarre economy from the sweat shop where they were built?

5-10’s fit “true to size” in my experience. I wear size 11 USA, and that is what I ordered.

You can see some more comments on the 5_10 hi tops at:<>prd_id=845524442622975&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302692667&bmUID=1225226474465